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Final designs of a product line consisting of a spa scrub, finishing foam, and body buff for Bliss Beauty
Secondary product packaging for a specialty flower vase that displays an image of the vase inside
Modern and branded juice bottle design for a line of juices from Farafina Beverage LLC
Two dietary supplement products with different containers, a dry tea blend and a liquid tincture, that have consistent branding for a herbal apothecary company
Secondary product packaging for a specialty flower vase that displays an image of the vase inside, Modern and branded juice bottle design for a line of juices from Farafina Beverage LLC, Two dietary supplement products with different containers, a dry tea blend and a liquid tincture, that have consistent branding for a herbal apothecary company

Crème de Mint is a full-service CPG branding and packaging design agency with over a decade of experience creating award-winning designs that inspire engagement, elevate brands, and pave the way for customer loyalty. 

Using our proven process, we weave together the product details, packaging materials, and your unique brand essence to produce packaging designs that set your product apart on the shelf or on the screen.


Award badge for designing over 100 brands on shelves
Products sold in Trader Joe's logo
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Award badge for designing over 500 products on shelves


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Clutch award for top packaging design company in 2023
H.O.W. international design award winner badge
AMA Marketing Awards silver agency of the year badge
SuperbCompanies Award badge for top packaging design company in 2022
18th annual Davey awards gold winner badge
Packages of two different salmon jerky products with consistent branding designed for Surfsnax jerky company


We don’t just create pretty packages. Every aspect of our designs, from the typography to the color palette to the words that tell your story is constructed to elicit emotion, unveil what makes your brand special, and create lasting connections with your audience. 

What’s more valuable than an impulse buy? Customer loyalty. That’s why we begin with your specific audience in mind.

Every project at Crème de Mint leverages market research and consumer trends, allowing us to understand your target customers’s desires, problems, and needs. This knowledge becomes the cornerstone of our packaging designs.


  • 72% of consumers are influenced by packaging¹
  • You only have eight seconds to hook your audience in²
  • 73% of consumers purchase impulsively³


Our 5-step CPG packaging design process begins with diving deep into your brand and gathering valuable market research. We then create distinct concepts for you to choose from, design every detail of your packaging, and refine based on your feedback, producing print-ready designs catered to your product. 

The process typically takes 4-6 weeks from onboarding to final delivery. We offer expedited services when possible. Contact us today to see if you qualify!

A mojito mix bottle with a fun and inviting label design of hand-drawn fruits


Our Team Cares
About Your Success

Laptop screen displaying Crème de Mint in a virtual meeting with a food or beauty company


The process starts with an in-depth questionnaire and kick-off call to explore your packaging needs and get to know your brand. We’ll ask details about:

  • Your target audience demographic
  • The story of what makes you and your brand special
  • Your brand’s values, mission, and commitments
  • Where you plan to sell
  • Your packaging materials
  • The opacity and shape of your container
  • Special certifications for your products and brand
  • Unique or special ingredients

Don’t worry about how you answer—we know the right questions to ask! Every team member involved in the design process reviews your questionnaire and interview so that each step is created with your brand’s story and your product and packaging details in mind.

Explore Sustainable
Packaging Options

A blank and empty sample of a container with a bamboo lid used for sustainable packaging


Along with the exploration into your brand, we offer individualized CPG packaging suggestions and strategy. We’ll discuss your budget, your unit order numbers, and your possibilities, offering our insights and alternatives to level up your packaging. We might suggest:

  • Different packaging material to convey premium branding
  • Alternative lid colors or materials for bottles
  • Sustainable packaging alternatives, such as biodegradable cellophane or bamboo lids
  • Biodegradable or eco-friendly bottle materials
  • Vegetable dye ink to align with sustainable brand values
  • Unique or innovative design ideas
  • Brand voice directions
  • Messaging concepts to appeal to your unique audience.

Unique Packaging
Mood Board Concepts

A mood board with pastel colors to be used in a branding project


We believe that research and knowledge lead to intentional designs. 

Before we start designing, we research:

  • Market trends in your industry
  • Consumer preferences, user experiences, and common complaints
  • Your current industry competitors
  • Trending typography, icon styles, and colors
  • Successful language and brand messaging directions

From there, we tune into how your brand serves your audience the way that nobody else does—and how our designs can stand out from the crowd while connecting with your target customer.

A mood board with pastel colors to be used in a branding project


Then, it’s on to the creative side! Our team brainstorms and creates 2-3 unique branding concepts into visual mood boards. These mood boards show you:

  • The inspiration behind the concept
  • How and why it connects to your audience
  • Typography styles
  • Color palette
  • Design and branding inspiration photos

You’ll provide feedback and ultimately select one direction for the brand. The goal for the mood boards is to visually define the direction for your brand, ensuring that you know what to expect from the branding and packaging. so there are no surprises when we dive into the branding and packaging. You will know what direction we are heading because the mood board direction is the jumping off point.

The mood boards are yours to keep, and can be used to drive future marketing and branding efforts or to communicate your brand essence to your team.

Craveworthy Design Options

Three different label design options on glass jars with bamboo lids


Once a strong branding direction is in place, our team begins the official design:

  • Our copywriter crafts your CPG packaging copy, working closely with the designers on the print layout. 
  • Our designers create your logo and CPG packaging design with your target customer in mind, incorporating images, icons, and all written and visual elements. We can use your dielines or create them for you. 
  • Our creative team also develops a branding presentation, bringing your brand to life with 3D images so we can visualize not just what our designs look like, but also in your customer’s hands and on the shelves. 
  • We quality check every aspect of your packaging, printing out the dielines and visualizing the final design layout from every angle.

We offer up to 3 rounds of revisions as we work together to create your vision. 

We communicate with you at every step, welcoming your input along the way. No matter where we are in the process, we’re happy to provide guidance and answer questions—we’re just an email away!

Print-ready Packaging

3D rendered final CPG packaging designs for a herbal apothecary company selling a facial cream, tea blend, and essential oils


Our process leans on collaboration.

In this step, we:

  • Invite you to review the copy and the designs and provide feedback
  • Collaborate with you where needed, offering our guidance and expertise in the industry
  • Refine our designs and copy so you get the perfect packaging!

We offer up to 3 rounds of revision as we work together to create your vision.

We communicate with you at every step, welcoming your input along the way. No matter where we are in the process, we’re happy to provide guidance and answer questions—we’re just an email away!

Customer picks up a tea blend product with Crème de Mint’s newly designed packaging from the herbal apothecary store

Crème de Mint’s rebrand of Megan & Co. transformed the brand image.

Elevated designs and packaging have attracted new customers to the Herbal Apothecary’s brick-and-mortar shop and allowed them to grow their online presence as well. The packaging design won the 2022 Graphic Design USA award in the Health and Wellness category and has been selected by The Academy of Interactive and Visual Arts for a Davey Gold Award.

Package Design Pricing and Deliverables

Our packaging design services start at $5000.

We believe in transparent pricing with no hidden fees—once we understand the scope of your project, we’ll create a detailed breakdown showing you exactly what the price will be and what is included. 






Deliverables Typically Include:
  • Visual mood boards in pdf format, showcasing 2-3 design directions
  • CPG packaging copywriting, including product benefits and brand messaging
  • CPG Packaging design, including all written and visual elements (copy, icons, typography, imagery, layout of nutritional facts, barcodes, etc.)
  • Up to 3 rounds of revisions at no additional cost
    Final design layout on dieline and print-ready pdf files

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Final designs of Marina Dedivanovic’s new skincare product line of exfoliating face, chest, neck, and foot pads with newly designed logos, branding, and packaging

Specialized in Multiple Industries

3D rendering of a ketogenic coffee jar designed to be resealable with a screw top lid

Our CPG branding agency was built on packaging; when you work with us, you’re getting more than a decade of experience crafting award-winning designs. We specialize in cosmetic packaging, food and beverage packaging, and supplement packaging. 

We understand the 3D elements of CPG packaging design, and we consider every detail—the materials of your packaging, the size and shape, the opacity of the packaging, and primary and secondary packaging components. 

Our founder, Lauren Casgren-Tindall, has been featured as a thought leader in publications such as Clutch, and uses her expertise to inspire and teach future leaders and entrepreneurs through her speaking engagements, Entrepreneur Minds Speak Podcast, and Udemy Courses. 

Our CPG packaging design experience allows us to be a true partner in your design process, offering insights and guidance on compliance regulations, certification rules and requirements, trademarking, and more.





Lauren Casgren-Tindall is the founder of Crème de Mint and has been creating powerful, innovative CPG packaging designs over the past 15 years for companies such as Avon, Victoria’s Secret, Bliss, and HauteHouse Brands. She also launched and ran thriving makeup brand 42 Dubonnet before ultimately closing the business to focus on her design business. 

Lauren Casgren-Tindall - Principal and Lead Designe
Emilce Borz - Art Director

Emilce Borz

Art Director

Emi is a passionate Art Director with over 15 years of experience in branding and packaging. She holds a Master’s degree in Design with an emphasis on CPG packaging design and a Master’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on marketing.

Emi has worked for large global cosmetic companies including Avon, Coty, and Estée Lauder, as well as for celebrities such as Britney Spears. 

She weaves in her love for fashion and beauty into her work, along with her curiosity and commitment to new trends and new experiences. Her love of travel inspires her work, while her kindness and compassion create memorable client interactions.


Senior Designer

Juliana is a multi-faceted graphic designer with over five years of experience in CPG packaging, print, and digital design.

She has worked with brands such as Green Flash Brewing Company, Suja Juice, San Diego Chargers, LG Electronics, IBM, Binary Tree Software and Kopari Beauty.

Her passion for design shows up in each of her projects, leading to artistic and visionary work. 

Juliana Tipton - Senior Graphic Designer
Shasta Norris - Project Manager and Senior Graphic Designer


Project Manager / Senior Designer

Shasta is a detail-oriented graphic designer with over 10 years of experience in CPG packaging design, product development, and marketing for consumer packaged goods. 

As an advocate for natural wellness and sustainability, she enjoys working with like-minded companies such as Hemp Black, CVS beauty brand Balans Labs, Megan & Co Herbal Apothecary, and Alkaline Herb Shop. 

Shasta brings her knowledge of industry standards and regulations, experience in sourcing and production, and passion for beautiful, effective design to every project. She finds inspiration in nature, street art, and music.

Cassie Henderson Nguyen


Cassie Henderson Nguyen is a CPG copywriter specializing in sales and branding with over six years of experience working with clients including Skin Sauvage, Truesse, and CTRL Cosmetics.

Cassie Henderson Nguyen - Copywriter