Crème de Mint Honored as Top Packaging Design Company in 2021

Farafina Juice Logo and Packaging Design

Crème de Mint has operated as one of the food packaging design companies in South Florida for over a decade. We are always honored when we receive awards for our efforts. Recently, we were named one of the Top Packaging Design Companies in 2021 by Superbcompanies.  Superbcompanies is a research portal that ranks companies in […]

Do adaptogens belong in your product line?


It’s no secret that modern culture is a perfect environment for stress. There’s so much to do in so little time, and finding quiet places or a spare moment for mindfulness is its own (stress-inducing) challenge. When it comes to the human body, a little bit of stress is actually a good thing. Stress gets […]

Clutch Recognizes Creme de Mint as one of the Leading Design Companies in Miami, Florida

Clutch award badge for best design company in Miami, Florida.

Creme de Mint is honored to announce that we have been named one of the best design companies in Miami, Florida by Clutch! As always, our commitment to bringing unique designs to life based on our clients’ visions, goals, and needs, drives our company.  That dedication to provide high-quality design services piqued the interest of […]

Awarded Top Package Design Company in 2020


Awarded Top Package Design Worldwide “We are honored to be chosen as a global leader in branding and packaging design and receive the prestigious award of Clutch Global Leader in 2020.” – Lauren Casgren-Tindall, Owner & Principal Every year, Clutch announces their Leader Awards, a list of the highest-ranking companies on their site according to geographic […]

We Love Our 5 Star Reviews!

creme de mint 5 star reviews

Whether you looking for a clean, minimalist design or a bold, patterned design for your packaging, we can help! 2020 design trends are pointing to stronger patterns and illustrations that create greater emotional connection with the customer and stand apart from competitors.  When you partner with us we’ll help you achieve both. Our award-winning designs […]

6 Trends That Will Change How We Eat and Look in 2020

6 Trends That Will Change How We Eat and Look in 2020

This Year’s Buzzword: Climate-Conscious A sense of climate urgency continues to build in 2020 and will impact the market decisions of consumers in a major way this year — how they eat, travel, and what they use on their bodies. As consumers make choices to reflect their individual climate commitments, this year will not only […]

Why accessible products are important

accessible packaging

  It might feel impossible to think back to a time when consumers didn’t have many product options to choose from. Now with mega-stores like Amazon, it feels like possibilities are limitless. But for millions of Americans with disabilities and limitations, there are still only limited accessible product options. People with limitations or disabilities have […]

Woman on Board: Why California’s new law makes good business sense


  Making History Hundreds of bills are passed every year, so it takes a very noteworthy bill to catch attention and spark a nationwide conversation. One such bill, proposed in California, passed into law on September 30th. And even though it has been several weeks since it became law, people are still talking about its […]