How to Build Your Own Supplement Line: Everything You Need to Get Started

Build your own supplement line with Keto Science, showing supplement products placed in a row with fruit against a grey backdrop.

Do you want to build your own supplement line but aren’t sure where to start?  Starting an herb or supplement company can be a profitable business. The wellness industry is booming—it’s currently worth $1.5 trillion and growing every year!   Maybe you have a passion for herbs and natural healing. Or perhaps you have relied on […]

Pet Supplements 101: 5 Questions Every New Brand in the Industry Needs to Ask

Dr. Carol pet product labels supplement bottle design showcased next to puppy against white background.

The health and fitness industry has skyrocketed over the last decade, and with it, so have protein bars, health food, and dietary supplements.  But human supplements aren’t alone in that growth. As more people have grown health-conscious and concerned about their own wellness, they have also started focusing on the health of their four-legged best […]

Everything You Need to know about the FDA rules for Dietary Supplement Labels


For dietary supplement companies navigating the rules and regulations of the industry can feel overwhelming. In this article, we explain the rules in clear and simple way, so that you can feel confident about your dietary supplement labels. Here is (we hope!) a helpful guide to the basics on: What are supplements How are they […]

A Brand’s Guide to Pet Supplements

A brand guide to pet supplements

As people have become more concerned about their own health, their pets are not far from mind. At least 72% of pet owners feel that their pets are family members and want to care for them the best they possibly can. That is why, as the market for human health supplements has exploded, so too […]