How to Start Your Own Juice Business: From Concept to Creation

Juicera juice brand product photography "clinking" juices in the air.

If you have a passion for making your own juice, you might be thinking about how to start your own juice business!  Many successful juice businesses started small, with just a passion for health and a drive to be an entrepreneur.  But starting a juice business that actually lasts and thrives isn’t as easy as […]

How to price a food or beverage product?

Grocery bag filled with yummy green veggies and vegan tzatziki product.

Determining how to price a food product can seem overwhelming. From profit margins to manufacturing costs to everything in between, you have a lot of factors to consider.  Price too high and your product might not sell, but price too low and you can’t make any money off of your business.  Fortunately, there are steps […]

Farmer’s Markets: The Perfect Place to Sell Your Juice or Homemade Cookies in Miami

Food packaging companies located in florida selling juice.

As one of the food packaging design companies in Florida, we’ve seen a lot of businesses launch from the ground up, including many new juice and homemade cookie businesses. If you’re launching a similar business, you might be wondering where the best place to sell them is!  You’ve decided to dive in and start selling […]

Client Spotlight: A Startup Juice Company’s Journey to Success

Lori Robinson never dreamed of owning a juice company. Her passion, from the time she was a small child, was advertising. But a chance connection with a juice aficionado (and founder of a local juice startup) paved the way for a beautiful partnership.   The two forged Juicera—a cold-pressed juice company that has been dedicated to […]

The Worst Rebrand in History: How to Avoid Tropicana’s Famous Failure


Rebranding can be a strong marketing tool. It gives brands a chance to reinvent themselves, pivot to a new direction, and find new ways to stand out from the crowd. But not all rebrands are successful. History has seen many major companies attempt major rebrands only to fail. Possibly the worst of these was the […]

Monk Fruit: The Sweetener on Everyone’s Lips


Come what may in 2020, there is one thing for certain – consumers want healthier bodies and a healthier planet and are looking for nature-based solutions. We’ve long known the negative impacts of a high sugar diet – obesity, diabetes, high risk of heart disease – and yet our natural sweet tooth has ancient evolutionary […]

Repurposing Food Waste into Profitable Products

Repurposing Food Waste into Profitable Products

  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” As old as that saying is, it still rings true. Believe it or not repurposing food waste into profitable products is gathering momentum in the Food & Beverage industry. Thanks to some sustainable foodies, food waste from one business is now a product for another.   The […]

2019 Trends: Food & Beverage, Packaging Industries


  With the start of a new year comes new trends. And with the coming of 2019, Food & Beverage trends are all about the unexpected, while Packaging Trends trends are all about minimizing and creating experiences.   TOP FOOD & BEVERAGE TRENDS OF 2019: 1. Going Global This year in the Food & Beverage […]

Consuming plastics: you are what you eat?

The Future of Plastics

  Eating Plastic Plastic consumption is an all time high. The New York Times just released an article that a new study shows microplastics are in our gut. Because there is so much of it in the ocean, we cannot avoid it. Tiny particles of plastic are consumed by fish and other sea creatures. When […]