Ins and Outs of the New GMO (BE) Labeling

New GMO Regulations

GMOs is a hot topic. And if you own a food product or beverage, you’ll want to pay attention to these new proposals, because they could effect you and your product business. In recent years, savvy health-conscious consumers have been asking what is in their food and putting pressure on the government to take action […]

The Merging of Food and Technology: Become a Digital Foodie


What was once considered an odd couple, food and technology, has turned into a delicious marriage. With a click of the button on Eat24, you can receive a meal from your favorite restaurants or have FreshDirect deliver your groceries. One works with ingredients and the other with images. With digital marketers always searching for the […]

Trend Oracle: See what has the soda & dairy companies nervous

The Crowd Has Spoken

Soda is part of the national fabric. Some would argue it is almost a subconscious marketing victory, given the billions spent every year by manufacturers to get the message out to the world by sponsoring events and obtaining celebrity endorsements. The truth is that soda has widespread appeal, is readily available, and is quite cheap. […]

A Feast for the Eyes: The psychology of color and food choices


Humans have been manipulating food colors since 400 BC. That’s why supermarket apples are waxed, dyed, and sold under flattering lights – the redder the apple, the sweeter and fresher we perceive them. Certain colors are associated with a flavor, which is hardwired from our primitive years when our brains relied primarily on our eyes […]

Make Your Food Packaging Stand Out by Fitting In


Everyone has a favorite food. Whether it is chocolate chip cookies or artisan nachos, consumables are part of our social fabric. Food preferences can be passed down from family members or they can be part of a trend. While the product may have variations in ingredients, such as vegan chocolate or organic jalapenos, the packaging […]

Looking for a commercial kitchen for your food product?

looking for a kitchen space in miami

One of the toughest aspects of starting a food business in Miami is finding a commercial kitchen or co-sharing kitchen space to make your food or beverage product. Initially you may be able to make your food product out of your own kitchen if your product falls under the Florida Cottage Food Law. If it […]

Can I make and sell food from my own kitchen?

Selling food from your kitchen

Have your friends and family been telling you that you should sell your delicious cookies or tasty jam? Or perhaps you are thinking about digging up an old family recipe? You are certain if everyone had a chance to taste your prized  food or beverage that it would sell like hot cakes. Have you been […]

Coffee and Tea Trends: Grass-Fed Coffee, Probiotics and THC


For most of the world, the day is not complete without coffee or tea. The beverage industry now provides variations of these forenoon and daily delights. Teas and coffees are now readily available in colder options with added health benefits. Cold brews and salted caramel flavors are unique to the drinkable mix. Explore the current […]

How an Atlanta Startup became a Beverage Giant Cultural Icon

coca-cola branding

With mere humble beginnings, Coca-Cola became one of the biggest brands in the world. Its logo is instantly recognizable and considered part of America’s cultural identity. However, this was not always the case. Coke sold less than ten bottles a day as an unknown startup in Atlanta during the late 1880s. Asa Chandler, CEO, became […]