The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

Packaging is an important element for any product business. It’s the first thing many customers will see, it establishes the kind of company you want to be, and it’s an effective way to market your product. But as society changes, so do consumer expectations, and packaging has to adapt to meet their desires.  Over time, […]

For Perfect Packaging, Dodge These Top 7 Mistakes

To create great packaging it helps to know what you want to avoid as well as what you want to include. Here are seven common packaging mistakes and how you can avoid them. Trendy instead of Trend Setting It’s tempting to go with the latest and greatest in package design but brands need think long-term. […]

How do you know when it is time to redesign your packaging?


We can all think of brands whose logo or packaging evoke in us childhood nostalgia, or fond memories. That instant recognition and emotional connection is what companies rely on to keep customers loyal and engaged. At times, however, a company’s public image needs a revamp, and the question is often when? When is it time […]

Alternatives for Plastic Packaging


A Necessary Evil It is undeniably that plastics are becoming our worst nightmare. They are piling up in landfills by the tons and causing chaos to the environment. Worst of all, plastic cannot be avoided. Larger plastics are breaking down into micro-plastics that are invading our water and food sources. But for brands, plastic can […]

Stripping Down Your Packaging

Stripped Down Packaging

The saying “a little goes a long way” is true for many things, and believe it or not, its also true when it comes to product packaging. And while the minimalism packaging trend is all the rage right now, stripping down your packaging is not necessarily the same thing.   Minimalism vs. Essentialism In product […]

The Most Common Symbols on Packaging and Why They are Important


With strict standards regulating the information found on product packages today, it is no surprise that many products are covered in symbols, which can have many different meanings. Food products can have symbols related to ingredients, nutritional information, dietary restrictions, and allergens. Similarly, cosmetic products can have symbols for certain ingredients and allergens, but also […]

Top Trend: Flexible, Sustainable Packaging – The Pouch

Obviously, the goal of every brand is to get consumers to choose their products. But with so much competition saturating the marketplace, it can be hard to grab the attention of consumers. So more and more brands are trying to make changes to their packaging to draw the consumers gaze. They are doing this by […]

How to design packaging that your customers will love

How to design packaging that your customers will love

Empathy is the first thing you need in order to design packaging your customers will love. When you empathize with your customers, you gain a full understanding of their feelings and experiences. Without empathy, it’s almost impossible to design a product or packaging that your customers will eagerly buy.   A definition of empathy Merriam […]