Top Trend: Flexible, Sustainable Packaging – The Pouch

Obviously, the goal of every brand is to get consumers to choose their products. But with so much competition saturating the marketplace, it can be hard to grab the attention of consumers. So more and more brands are trying to make changes to their packaging to draw the consumers gaze. They are doing this by […]

How to design packaging that your customers will love

How to design packaging that your customers will love

Empathy is the first thing you need in order to design packaging your customers will love. When you empathize with your customers, you gain a full understanding of their feelings and experiences. Without empathy, it’s almost impossible to design a product or packaging that your customers will eagerly buy.   A definition of empathy Merriam […]

A breakdown of the 5 printing processes to use for your packaging

5 printing processes to use for your packaging

You have a perfectly branded design and package for your food or beauty product. Now you need to decide how to print your design onto your packaging. The printing process takes careful consideration. You want to use a process that works for your budget and gives you the printing quality you are looking for. There […]

Ink Migration: Why it Matters for Your Food and Beauty Packaging

5 printing processes to use for your packaging

You knew that birds migrate for the winter, but did you know that the ink on the outside of your packaging could also be migrating? Unfortunately, the same ink that created your gorgeous packaging can also seep through and make your food or beauty products unsafe to use. That’s why it’s so important for you […]

How to Make a Truly Iconic Packaging Design

iconic brands tell stories

Every food and beauty company dreams of having an iconic brand, a brand that anyone can identify at a glance. Like those Starbucks cups that you can instantly recognize when you see people with them hurrying to work. Or the Coca Cola cans and bottles that make you suddenly feel the need for some sweet […]

How to make sustainable and beautiful packaging for your products

sustainability in packaging

Customers really care about sustainability when they are thinking about which products to buy. Global warming and climate change are on everyone’s minds. That’s why it’s so important to think about sustainability when choosing how to package your products. Luckily, there are many creative solutions that will help you create more sustainable packaging.   Make […]

7 popular packaging design trends for 2017

Illustration in Packaging

With all of the products on the market, smart businesses use their packaging as a way to share their brand story and differentiate themselves from their competitors. Find out what type of packaging is trendy right now and get some ideas for how you can use them to package your products. Simplicity One of the […]

Strategies for Ecommerce Packaging Success


Over the last several years, ecommerce has exploded into a multi-billion dollar industry. And it is only expected to grow. According to, in 2010 ecommerce retail totaled at $163.7 billion, and those numbers are projected to increase to $491.5 billion by 2018. However, this doesn’t mean your business will automatically be booming if you […]

Great Product Packaging in 3 Easy Steps


We know that your product’s packaging can make or break a sale. The initial first impression on the shelf is everything. It can be overwhelming to know what type of style to use in your packaging…but it doesn’t need to be if you research and plan properly. Let’s take a look at the three basic […]

Your Target Demographic in Packaging

Knowing your target market

As we discussed in Custom is King in 2017!, the demand for customized products is on the rise. This means that brands are being required to niche in different demographics.   Knowing your target market The most successful small business owners understand that only a certain number of people will be interested in their product […]