Crème de Mint, a branding agency located in South Florida, worked with Alkaline Herb Shop to create a fresh, holistic website design.

Digital Marketing

Crème de Mint is a digital marketing and branding agency located in South Florida.

Digital and online marketing has never been more important. Through engaging digital marketing campaigns, you can form connections and build relationships with your audience, creating loyal, lifelong customers. Crème de Mint serves as your marketing liaison, guiding you as you expand your reach. 

  • Email marketing 
  • Responsive web design
  • E-commerce sites: Shopify platform
  • Customized WordPress designs or templates
  • Copywriting that encourages action and engagement
  • Social media branding kits
  • Ebooks

Alkaline Herb Shop email marketing campaign screenshot sharing important health tips and promoting Iron and Sea Moss.

Engaging Web Presence

Crème de Mint designs beautiful and engaging websites that establish your presence and promote your products. Our goal is to design a website that you can easily maintain and grow for years to come. 

We base our design on your vision for your company. From there, we create the little touches that complement the big picture of your brand, giving it integrity and an eye-catching power that your customers cannot ignore. 

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Crème de Mint, a branding agency located in South Florida, worked with Oxygen to create a premium, clean website design.

This high-end beauty website aligns with Oxygen’s expertise in the industry as a beauty product manufacturer. It’s designed with their target audience in mind—major beauty retailers who are looking for expertly crafted products. 

See more of our web designs to discover what we can create for you.

Social Media Branding

We can provide everything you need to jump start your business on social media or revamp your current look. Our social media kits include a personalized Photography Style Guide for your visual identity, branded Instagram and Facebook Canva templates, and content for your first posts.

We also schedule your posts in a visual marketing platform so you can view your upcoming posts, measure engagement and keep your social media presence on-track.

Our goal is to create a cohesive branded look across platforms and give you the tools to continue your social media on your

Alkaline Herb Shop supplement branding for social media with images shown on iPhones.

We would love to grow with you.

Let us be your creative partner to help your brand thrive.

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