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Helping New Product Businesses

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Helping New Product Businesses

Starting a business is exciting, but can also feel overwhelming. At times, you may find yourself uncertain of your next steps and feel like you need guidance and support. That’s why I offer one-on-one business coaching to entrepreneurs in the food, beverage, beauty and supplement industries. I will guide you through the startup process and provide essential tools and resources to help you build the business of your dreams.

Expertise & Support Provided

I have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs launch their first product, giving me a unique understanding of the challenges you may face. I don’t believe in a one-size-fits-all approach. That’s why each coaching session is tailored to your specific needs. I help you stay on track by breaking down overwhelming tasks into manageable milestones and deadlines, and providing you with the support you need to overcome obstacles and achieve your goals. My goal is to empower you with knowledge, confidence, and resources so you can navigate your entrepreneurial journey successfully.


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Let’s chat and assess your business together! In this 30-minute session, I’ll share some practical advice and a personalized plan to point you in the right direction to achieve your goals. Grab your first session!


My one-on-one business coaching sessions are flexible and accommodating. We can meet via phone or Zoom at a time that works for you.  To meet on Zoom, all you’ll need is a computer with a camera, a mic and a stable internet connection.


In each meeting, we’ll discuss your progress, brainstorm solutions to any roadblocks you are facing, and discuss next steps. After each coaching call, you will receive a follow-up email with your list of actionable steps and links to relevant resources. Between meetings, you’ll complete manageable tasks to move your business forward. You can also get ongoing support from our community of entrepreneurs in our new private Slack group.


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Lauren casgren-tindall


I’m Lauren, a seasoned business owner with a passion for coaching entrepreneurs in the food, beauty and supplement space. As the founder of Crème de Mint, a creative agency focused on branding and packaging, I’ve successfully guided clients through impactful rebrands, resulting in significant growth in their retail presence and considerable revenue gains. With a background in design and a portfolio featuring collaborations with renowned companies like Avon, Victoria’s Secret, Bliss, and Benihana, along with launching my own makeup brand, I bring a wealth of experience to the table. My passion for helping entrepreneurs to do what they love has led me to coaching new business owners like you. 


My goal is to empower entrepreneurs to do what they love. I primarily focus on working with new business owners in the food, beverage, beauty and supplements industries. If you’re part of this dynamic group, I’m here to support your entrepreneurial journey.

What Are the Benefits of Hiring a Business Coach?

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Our journey together is more than just a coaching engagement—it’s a strategic partnership. With my extensive hands-on business experience, I’m here to be a valuable asset to your entrepreneurial endeavors.

As your business coach, my goal is to devise actionable, practical, and cohesive strategies that will fuel the growth of your small business. Let’s delve into the tangible benefits you can expect:

1) Specialization

When you work with a coach, you want them to have an understanding of your business struggles. The challenges facing product businesses in the beauty, supplement, and food industries are unique. Through helping hundreds of startups, as well as launching my own cosmetics company, I have gained essential knowledge on what it takes to build a successful business. From product manufacturing, to creating enticing branding and packaging, to getting in front of influencers, I’m here to share my knowledge and resources to help you achieve your business goals.

2) Strategic Direction and Soundboarding

Together, let’s craft a structured framework that transforms your ideas into actionable steps. We’ll map out your goals, set timelines, and outline the functional details needed for a systematic and successful implementation.

3) Fresh, Unbiased Perspective

It’s natural to become intimately involved with your business, making it challenging to view problems objectively. My role is to bring a fresh perspective to old problems, unlocking innovative solutions without bias, and offering straightforward insights.

4) Conflict or Pain-Point Resolution

Pain points within your small business can quickly affect whether you succeed or fail. Let’s address challenges head on and use conflict-resolution strategies to prevent recurring issues.

5) Confidence

Running a small business is undoubtedly a roller coaster. On the challenging days, I’m here as your mentor and confidant. Together, we’ll navigate the tough times, and I’ll remind you that you have the resilience and capability to overcome any hurdle in your entrepreneurial journey.

6) Expertise in Branding and Packaging

Leverage my background in branding and packaging to elevate your product business. Gain valuable insights into creating a memorable brand identity, optimizing logos and design, and crafting impactful packaging. My expertise will help distinguish your products in the market, attracting and retaining customers effectively.

Choosing Between One-on-One and Group Coaching

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Deciding between one-on-one and group business coaching involves understanding the unique dynamics of each program. Neither is inherently superior; rather, the choice hinges on your specific goals, timelines, schedules, and even your personal preferences. Here’s a breakdown of the significant differences between the two:

option 1

one-on-one coaching

Individual coaching, true to its name, involves working closely with your coach in recurring one-on-one sessions, whether in-person or online. This personalized approach allows for focused attention on your business’s specific needs and a tailored program to address your goals.


option 2

Group coaching

Group coaching adopts a class-like structure to tackle small business challenges and enhance business owner skills. Group coaching provides a collaborative learning environment that encourages shared insights and collective growth among participants.


Brands we've helped grow

Expressed Juice flask shaped bottles with one orange colored juice in front of a row of three bottles of different colors and flavors.
Expressed Juice flask shaped bottles with one orange colored juice in front of a row of three bottles of different colors and flavors.

Creme de Mint and Lauren have been critical since the formation of our brands. I’d highly recommend bringing Lauren on to any project in the CPG space.

— Paul Van Hamond, Founder of Drinks Inc.

Megan Co the Herbal Apothecary three products in new clear glass packaging with white and dusty blue labels and bamboo lids.
Megan Co the Herbal Apothecary three products in new clear glass packaging with white and dusty blue labels and bamboo lids.

Lauren was so easy to work with and communicated our needs effectively.

Owner of Megan & Co: The Herbal Apothecary

dietary supplement packaging design

They clarified my wants by digging and asking questions, which helped them understand what I really needed. That was valuable to me because they were stepping up as a partner rather than just a vendor.

— Suhail Rivera, Alkaline Herb Shop


Prior to working with Crème de Mint, Alkaline Herb Shop was relying heavily on social media for sales and missing a big opportunity. As a result of our coaching sessions, the client grew her business by more than 30% with one of our recommendations.

dietary supplement packaging design

On average, they were sending out just one email campaign per quarter. To address this, we developed a new email strategy that involved sending 6-8 campaigns each month. The campaigns varied in style, from valuable educational emails about herbs, health, and wellness, to flash sales, to new product promotions, to exclusive VIP experiences.

In addition, we designed the emails to be aesthetically appealing and interesting, using a secondary color palette to keep them looking fresh and exciting.

dietary supplement packaging design

29% of overall revenue
is from email marketing.

The new email campaign strategy paid off, increasing engagement and sales.

For example, we designed an email campaign sharing important health tips and promoting Iron and Sea Moss. This campaign maintained a 19.3% open rate and generated significant revenue for the client.

Subsequently, the annual email revenue in 2020 increased by more than 11 times the revenue from the previous year. On average 29% of Alkaline Herb Shop’s overall revenue now comes from email marketing campaigns.

Tired of trying to figure everything out on your own?

If you’re exhausted from the endless struggle of navigating your entrepreneurial journey solo, you’re not alone. The complexity of business decisions and the multitude of challenges can be overwhelming. It’s time to shift the burden from your shoulders. Our business coaching is tailored to provide the support and guidance you need. We understand the intricacies of entrepreneurship and are here to help you navigate the uncertainties, make informed decisions, and accelerate your business growth. Let us be your strategic partner, alleviating the burden and guiding you toward success.