MiSOgood upbeat packaging design showing sweet & savory white miso bottle in bright green with white logo and hand drawn graphics next to salmon.
Project Info
Brand: MiSOgood
Client: Happy Planet Group
Industry: Food & Beverage
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
Expertise Provided
Package Design
Print Design
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Package design
Packaging presentation
Website design
Website copywriting
Trade show banner
Sell sheets
Table tops
FAQ sheet
Stationary design 
Business card design
Print ready artwork mechanicals

The Challenge: Graphic Design for Food Packaging 

MiSOgood graphic design for food packaging showing a row of bottles in bright colors with white logo and hand drawn graphics on kitchen counter.

The Happy Planet Group is a mother/daughter duo company dedicated to combining ancient superfoods from around the planet with modern flavors to spread health and nutrition to an American market. Their sub-brand, MiSOgood, is a line of organic, non-GMO soup bases and universal condiments created in Japan with authentic ingredients and expertise. In order to help the company communicate the value of their products, Crème de Mint revamped the brand’s graphic design for their food packaging.

Happy Planet Group’s products are designed to bring the depth and zest of umami (a savory flavor) to everyday meals. They are made using a 1,000-year-old Japanese fermentation process with organic ingredients and pure spring water. MiSOgood, for example, is organic, non-GMO, gluten-free, vegan, high in antioxidants, and contains healthy probiotics that promote healthy digestive and immune system function. 

The Project

MiSOgood was aimed at millennials who were interested in health and nutrition, cooking, and Asian flavors. The brand wanted to sell to natural and specialty markets along with mainstream grocery stores, eventually expanding into the e-commerce space. The founders further wanted to establish the brand as delicious, wholesome, and easy to cook with. Thus, they needed new packaging design, website design, and marketing materials that would help them communicate the value of their products to vendors and appeal to their millennial audience. 

Package Design

The original graphic design didn’t stand out from other miso food packaging options in the stores. Furthermore, they failed to communicate the nutrition-emphasis, the bold flavor, or the easy-to-use nature of the products. The colors did not evoke freshness or health, and the packaging didn’t make the product seem appetizing or intriguing. 

MISOgood packaging before the redesign showcasing different products against white backdrop.
MiSOgood upbeat graphic design for food packaging showing a row of bottles in bright colors with white logo and hand drawn graphics.

Initially, we presented the client with several packaging concepts, including retro, hand-drawn, less is more, and packaging as art, all of which also emphasized the brand’s core qualities. The presentation also provided our retail market analysis for their products.

The final designs for MiSOgood brought an upbeat and friendly feel to the brand. The bright colors catch the eye and evoke freshness, health, and flavor, setting the products apart from other soup and condiment options in stores. In addition, the hand-drawn plant graphics add a welcoming element and reinforce the brand’s commitment to real, wholesome food. 

The minute timer reinforces the ease of use. The white logo pops against the vibrant background, drawing attention and communicating the brand name. The design also draws focus to the product’s differentiators and health benefits: “NEW”, USDA organic, vegan, non-GMO, and gluten-free. Finally, the new designs feel warm, captivating, and inviting—offering an easy, healthy, and flavorful cooking solution. 

Website Design

The website design is fresh and clean, with food photography to inspire culinary ideas and images of cooking, farms, plants, and the natural, wholesome, authentic ingredients used in the products. 

MiSOgood clean website design with graphic design for food packaging and hero image of couple cooking together.

We wrote the copy to appeal to the target market, revealing insight into the process of making miso, answering common questions, explaining the health benefits, and suggesting ways to cook with the products. We created the tagline, “So Tasty. So Easy. So Good,” to communicate the benefits of the products—delicious flavors that can be easily used to create great meals. The tagline was used across all of The Happy Planet Group’s products. 

We interviewed the founders about their journey and wrote their brand story for the website, revealing their mission and path to creating the brand. 

MiSOgood website design showcasing the founder's story with images.
MiSOgood clean website design with hero image of millennial couple cooking together and tagline, So Tasty, So Easy, So Good.

In a later second phase of the project, we edited and added a video to the hero section, showcasing the products, the possibilities for food creation, and the realness and wholeness of the products.

Marketing Materials

We designed trade show banners, table tops, sell sheets, and FAQ sheets so the brand could attract attention at shows and communicate the benefits of the products and why they would be a good addition to stores and markets. 

The vibrant orange banner catches the eye, drawing attention to the products themselves as well as the soup image and the tagline. The banner also communicates how the products align with popular, growing food trends. 

MiSOgood colorful banner design showing graphic design for food packaging and selling points of the product.

The tabletop designs feature the products, revealing the flavor options and range of uses. 

MiSOgood colorful table top design showing flavor combinations of the product and tagline, So Tasty, So Easy, So Good.

The sell sheet focuses on key benefits of the products—they’re vegan/vegetarian, great for snacks, and easy to use. The food photography further reinforces the idea that MiSOgood can be used in a variety of ways. 

We also created sell sheets for the individual products, highlighting the product’s potential uses and its authentic flavor. 

MiSOgood sell sheets front and back view showing nutritional information for each flavor in the line of products.
MiSOgood colorful sell sheets displayed in slanted rows, each sheet showing the flavor of the product and its ingredients.

The FAQ sheet invites the vendors to learn about the products and also offers tips on merchandising, allowing vendors to understand why the product would be successful. 

MiSOgood FAQ sheet design answering questions about the product such as, What is miso? and, How do I cook with it?

Happy Planet Group Designs

As part of the project, we created designs for the parent company, Happy Planet group, that aligned with the MiSOgood branding. 

Firstly, the website design is clean and eye-catching, focusing on the brand’s mission—using ancient superfoods to create healthy food in a simple and affordable way. It also offers a look at the two sub-brands, MiSOgood and OhSo Tasty

MiSOgood website designs for Happy Planet Group website displaying landing page with inspirational imagery.

The letterhead design uses hand-drawn graphics to evoke nature, wholesomeness, and freshness. 

MiSOgood letterhead design with hand-drawn graphics and logo against a vibrant orange background.

Additionally, the business card design is memorable and bold, aligning with the brand image. 

MiSOgood yellow and white business cards arranged in stacks to show front and back design.

The Results

Crème de Mint’s designs laid the foundation for MiSOgood to form vendor relationships, expand their brand into stores and markets, and set up e-commerce offerings. As a result, our work established the brand as a fresh and healthy way to bring authentic Japanese flavor to modern American cuisine. 

MiSOgood yellow and white business cards arranged in diagonal rows showing front and back of the card design.

Crème de Mint is very timely, priced well, and no step is forgotten about.

—The Happy Planet Group