Benihana food brand design featuring Lunch Break and Complimentary Delivery flyers in red.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Benihana
Industry: Food & Beverage
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Print Design
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Email marketing 
Website animated banners
Website promos
Print ready artwork mechanicals

The Challenge: Restaurant Graphic Design for Benihana

Benihana is a sushi and Japanese steakhouse with over 100 franchise locations across the country. The company needed updated marketing materials, including in-store promotional posters, flyers, email marketing, and website promotions. The materials had to be appealing, inviting, appetizing, and true to the brand image. Crème de Mint, an award-winning food packaging design agency, created a restaurant graphic design using promotional materials that aligned with their overall email marketing strategy.

The Project

Printed Promotional Materials

Benihana food brand design for print marketing materials in red featuring the restaurant's exclusive entree.

We wanted the print materials to be bold and vibrant, to draw eyes and encourage action. Our goal was to highlight the delectable, high-quality cuisine, leaving customers with a mouthwatering desire to visit the restaurant. 

The deep red commands attention, while the subtle swirling pattern in the background creates an elegant, high-end feel. We kept the copy to a minimum to keep the focus on the star of the show—the food photography. 

Benihana food brand design flyers for Marriott Preferred Guests arranged in diagonal rows against white backdrop.

These promotional materials encouraged Marriott Preferred Guests to visit the restaurant and take advantage of the partnership perks. The food and drink photography is visually striking, showing fresh, bold colors and emphasizing the restaurant’s quality. 

Benihana food brand design promotional posters in red for Father’s Day and Restaurant Week.

We created these promotional flyers, as well. The Father’s Day flyer features family fun and delectable food, promising a great experience as well as a satisfying meal, while the Restaurant Week promotion offers a look at the expert delicacies Benihana offers. 

Benihana food brand design red poster featuring the restaurant's exclusive entree against grey backdrop.

Email Marketing

Benihana food brand design for email marketing campaign featuring happy hour drinks promotion against grey backdrop.

We designed email marketing campaigns for the restaurant to inspire consumers to stop in for a visit. In this happy hour email, we highlighted the drinks as the main focus but incorporated sushi images to appeal to the reader on multiple levels. In the background, a subtle tree pattern lends a sophisticated feel. 

Website Promotions 

We designed these website promotions to capture the eye of visitors to the site and capitalize on their interest in the restaurant. They feature succulent food and drink photography and offer the viewer a chance to learn more about the restaurant’s special offers. 

Benihana food brand design for website banner featuring happy hour drinks and express lunch promotion.

The Results

As a result, Crème de Mint’s marketing materials contributed to a cohesive brand image and helped the restaurant spread the word and attract customers so they could continue to thrive. 

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