Expressed Juice award winning packaging with racing stripe logo alongside icons for the 4 design awards won.

Award Winning Packaging for a Miami Juice Company

How does a small juice brand get noticed in a competitive industry? That was the challenge presented to Crème de Mint when Expressed Juice prepared for the launch of their brand. Crème de Mint designed award winning packaging for the Miami juice brand that mirrored its quirky personality and aligned with the founder’s vision. They also created eye-catching promotional materials that made sure Expressed Juice was anything but one of the crowd. 

Project Info
Brand: Expressed Juice
Client: Drinks Inc.
Industry: Food & Beverage
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Logo & Branding
Package Design
Product Design
Print Design
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Brand identity
Package design
Vehicle wrap design
Fridge decal design
Trade show banner
Table talker
Bag design
Website banners
Business cards
Sell sheets
Print ready artwork mechanicals
PRINT Regional Design Annual Award
Core77 Design Award for Packaging
Silver ADDY Package Design Award
American Package Design Award, Graphic Design USA

Bringing the Hip Juice Company to Life

Expressed Juice had big ideas for their product—raw, cold-pressed juice that nourished and restored the body. They weren’t the average juice company. In particular, the cold-pressed process ensured that every bottle was packed with vitamins and nutrients. 

They were targeting a young Miami crowd for their product packaging. The plan was to distribute their juices from electric carts in front of nightclubs, bars, and concert venues, providing replenishing juices to customers on the move

Expressed Juice Award Winning Packaging
Expressed Juice award winning packaging showcasing different types of flavors and bottle shapes laying on a layer of crushed ice.

The Vision: Eye-Catching Award Winning Packaging Inspired by Miami

The founder of Expressed Juice had a vision for his business, but he needed a blueprint to get there. He was passionate about the nourishing benefits of the juice, and he believed that even the busiest of customers deserved that nourishment. 

Crème de Mint knew that the packaging for the juice brand needed to reflect its distinctive qualities—bold, brash, and exuberant. 

With this in mind, our goals were to:

  1. Show the Miami brand’s individuality through unique product packaging and design.
  2. Emphasize the health benefits of the product with imagery evoking nature and freshness.
  3. Create an edgy atmosphere that would appeal to the target audience.
Expressed Juice award winning packaging design showcasing different flavors lined up in a diagonal row.

Setting the Miami Juice Brand Apart With Award Winning Packaging

Initially, our challenge was to find a way to distinguish the Miami juice brand with the product packaging. How could we make sure customers would pass over the big brands and opt for Expressed Juice in a sea of juice options? 

We decided to play up the fun side to create packaging that would never blend in on a shelf. Our goal was not only to create award winning packaging, but to stand out from the crowd.

Designing a Unique Bottle With Layered Meaning

To create the award winning packaging, we didn’t want to rely on the same bottle as every other juice company—a traditional square of Boston round shape. Both the client and design team agreed that the shape of the bottle should mean something, to reflect the brand itself. 

Playing on the nightclub theme along with the healing concept, we created a bottle reminiscent of a flask and a medicine bottle. It was different, edgy, and eye-catching. In essence, this bottle would attract a young crowd and make the act of drinking feel like an experience. There was also a portable element for consumers on the go—they could slip it into their back pocket and take it along with them. 

Expressed Juice brand identity design featuring sideways bottle outline in orange with black and white logo inside.

Crème de Mint also tied the bottle into the logo, using a bold orange outline of the package to create a unique visual element and draw the eye.

Fruit-Inspired Colors and Authentic Typography

For the primary brand colors, we chose black, white, and carrot-orange. The orange was a nod to fruit and juice that evoked warmth, excitement, and youth, while the black and white tied in the racing theme of the electric carts. 

The primary fonts were Helvetica and Century Schoolbook, both practical fonts that reflect authenticity and openness. We also incorporated Honey Script as a tertiary typeface for the word “love” in the logo, a script font that symbolizes friendly connection. “Love Expressed Juice” represented the brand’s commitment to their customers. 

Curated Chemistry

While we loved bringing a fun element to the design, we also wanted to preserve the image of Expressed Juice as a wholesome, raw, natural health option. So, we incorporated the fruit and vegetable icons and tied their unique selling proposition right into the label—“100% Cold Pressed Raw Juice.”

As an extra twist, we added symbols suggestive of the periodic table to capture the elements in the juice. For example, we added a letter to represent the primary fruit, along with the number of ingredients. That imagery contributed both to the nourishing essence and the cool mood of the brand. All the elements combined together to create the award winning packaging for the juice brand.

Electric Carts For a Juice Brand On-the-Go

In addition to creating award winning packaging, we create design for Expressed Juice’s refrigerated carets. The electric carts were a challenge—we wanted Expressed Juice to pop. After all, the carts weren’t just a vehicle for distribution—they were a prime place to market the company. So, we designed the carts to show the natural, fruit focus of the brand, with bright citrus and succulent berry images to elicit feelings of freshness, sweetness, and vibrant health. 

But we wanted the carts to have an edge to them, too. We added a racing stripe down the front, symbolizing the “on-the-go” nature of the brand and their commitment to providing healthy beverage options even during the busiest times. The racing stripe was also incorporated on the bottles to create a comprehensive brand energy. 

Expressed Juice vehicle graphics on white golf carts shown from various angles against a colorful graffiti wall.

Promoting a Cohesive Beverage Brand

Promoting a new brand requires consistency, strategy, and execution. In addition to award winning packaging, Crème de Mint designed promotional materials that allowed Expressed Juice to market, share, spread, and grow.

Expressed Juice free falling white business cards in front of grey backdrop with black and orange colored design and font.
Expressed Juice minimal white business cards laying against grey backdrop with black and orange colored design and font.

The business cards incorporated the elements of the brand that made them stand out—the electric carts and the unique flask-shaped bottle. The outlines of those images catch the eye, while still maintaining a clean look for the cards.  

Expressed Juice brochure showcasing the front and back pages.
Expressed Juice brochure showcasing the inside with images of the carts and the award winning packaging

The brochure is designed to communicate health and wholesomeness. The appealing fruit pictures reflect the real fresh ingredients used in the juice. Inside the brochure, images of the carts and the juice bottles themselves give insight into the unique aspects of the brand. 

Expressed Juice banner displaying the award winning packaging, highlighting the bold juice colors and teasing the flavor within the juice.

The banner displays the award winning packaging, highlighting the bold juice colors and teasing the flavor within the juice. The “Florida Fresh” emblem reflects the brand’s commitment to providing real, fresh juice. 

Expressed Juice magnet displayed on stainless steel refrigerator with logo and orange outline of a bottle shape.

The magnets are shaped like the bottle itself, providing an interesting shape and tying into the brand image, with a bright orange outline to command attention. 

Expressed Juice table talkers promoting Pineapple Punch and Metropol alcoholic beverages against grey backdrop.

Creme de Mint also designed cruise line flyers to provide insight into the brand and offer marketing potential. They also created table talkers for Royal Caribbean, promoting cocktails made with Expressed Juice products. 

Sell sheets front & back
Award winning packaging Expressed Juice sell sheets showcasing with the value of their cold pressed juices, information about different flavors and nutrition benefits.

The sell sheets communicate the value of the products—real, cold-pressed juice, and offer a look at the different flavors and nutrition benefits. The award winning packaging made it stand out from its competitors.

Postcard front & back
Expressed Juice postcard showcasing their products and spreading brand awareness.

Postcards allowed the brand to market their products and encourage social media engagement with their customers, spreading brand awareness and growing their web presence. 

The Results: Award Winning Packaging

Crème de Mint’s designs for Expressed Juice gained attention from customers and earned several awards. Specifically, the award winning packaging design won the 2015 PRINT Regional Design Annual award, the 2015 Core77 Design Award for Packaging, the 2015 Silver ADDY Package Design Award, and the 2015 American Package Design Award from Graphic Design USA.  

The award winning packaging for the juice brand was so successful that bars and restaurants immediately began buying the product. They loved the flask analogy and knew their customers would enjoy it. 

The product sold well at farmer’s markets and food expos. In fact, the launch was so successful that Expressed Juice never even used their electric carts to distribute their juice. They had so much business they had to shift distribution methods and adapt to the next level of business. Consequently, the carts became a powerful tool for brand awareness. They drove the carts to farmer’s markets and local events to spread the brand’s name and garner new interest. 

Expressed Juice cruise line flyers providing insight into the brand and offer marketing potential.

A Lasting Image

Years later, the brand has expanded and grown, carrying the success of their launch and remaining a fan favorite at markets, expos, and shows. They now own another line of cocktail mixers, Mixology Maker. But the award winning packaging designs from Crème de Mint remain, setting them apart, catching eyes of restaurants, bars, and individuals, and keeping them as busy as ever. 

Expressed Juice flyer promoting five different types of cold pressed juices with descriptions about each.

Creme de Mint and Lauren have been critical since the formation of our brands. In both having the unique ability in understanding and interpreting our ‘brand speak.’ I’d highly recommend bringing Lauren on to any project in the CPG space.

—Paul Van Hamond, Founder of Drinks Inc.