Zig Travel sophisticated website design with lush imagery and separate sections for luxury travel and sailing teams.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Zig Travel
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Print Design
Digital Marketing
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Brand identity
Package design
Stationary design 
Print ready artwork mechanicals
Email marketing
Social media branding kit
Brand mood boards
Branding presentation
Website design

The Challenge: Website Design for a Luxury Travel Brand

Zig Travel is a luxury signature travel brand dedicated to cultivating rich, authentic, once-in-a-lifetime experiences for their clients. The brand was founded by Elizabeth Kratzig, former U.S. Olympic sailor who fell in love with travel and culture. She wanted the brand story to reflect conservation, passion, and adventure. In addition, she wanted to appeal both to baby boomers who are living their dreams traveling, and to millennials who are creating memories to last a lifetime. With this purpose in mind, the founder turned to Crème de Mint for her luxury travel branding and website design.

The Project 

Firstly, the company needed branding and design that established them as the go-to authority on bringing travel dreams to life. They also needed website design, social media, and email marketing that helped them spread the word and gain clientele. 

Additionally, there was a challenge in that the brand had two primary audiences. The founder had a following through offering sailing team travel, which was one of her audiences. We needed the designs and the website to speak to that market as well as the luxury travel market. 

Mood Boards

Zig Travel brand elements direction showcasing concepts, keywords and color inspiration.

We then created mood boards that showed the client three potential directions for the branding—Modern Global, Contemporary Elegance, or Signature Experience. The board included fonts, imagery, and color palette options as well as inspiration, allowing the client to consider potential branding possibilities and visualize how her brand image and essence could come to life. 

Brand Identity and Logo


Zig Travel logo before the redesign with light blue and beige color palette.


Zig Travel distinguished logo design in navy with Zig in luxurious script font and Travel in a sleek sans serif.

Our goal for this brand was to create an atmosphere of sophistication and luxury that was also eco-conscious, cultured, and modern. 

The brand’s original logo felt feminine and lacked sophistication. It also didn’t contain memorable elements that would make it stand out. They needed an elevated logo that spoke to a more elite clientele. 

The logo needed to be bold and distinguished—representing knowledge, trust, and professionalism. So, we selected Signeton Medium for the typeface of “Zig,” an upscale script font that brought an air of sophistication and wealth. Then, we paired that with the sleek san serif Brandon Grotesque for “travel.” 

For the brand colors, we created a color palette of cream, navy, and gold—polished, luxurious, and high-end. 


The tagline had to encapsulate the feeling of cultivated travel opportunities, elevated experiences, and the knowledge and culture gleaned from seeing the world. Also, we wanted it to tell the story of a premium trip planned just for you, full of life, freedom, and wonder. 

“Tailored Trips. Authentic Adventures. Exceptional Experiences.”

Branding Presentation

The branding presentation pulled all of the elements—the font, the logo, the tagline, the colors—into one place to give a full, cohesive look at the brand concept. This demonstration further ensured that the brand was consistent, strong, and visually striking. It also provided the client with a deep dive into how the pieces would come together and offered a visual look at the resulting brand image, essence, and identity. 

Zig Travel Signature Experience mood board displaying fonts, imagery, and color palette options for the brand.

Website Design

We wanted the website to show vibrant images of locations around the world—images that showed the one-of-a-kind experiences Zig Travel offered. We also needed to create copy that appealed to both the sailing team audience and the new targeted luxury travel clients. 

The original website didn’t capture the elite feel of the brand. The imagery in particular inspired feelings of day trips, not high-end cultivated experiences. The logo also felt feminine and lacked the sophisticated feeling we wanted for the brand. 


Zig Travel website before the redesign showcasing the homepage and sailing landing pages.


Zig Travel sophisticated website design with lush imagery and separate sections for luxury travel and sailing teams.

We redesigned the website and wrote new copy that aligned with the upscale vision the founder saw for the brand. The bold imagery speaks to both the seasoned travel lover and the novice ready to see the world. At the same time, the copy tells the story of a luxury traveler who deserves it all—a premiere experience without all the planning and logistics. 

Subtle animation in the website brings it to life and curates a sense of wonder, action, and excitement, and adds to the high-end feel. We created separate pages to speak to each of the target audiences—the homepage that enticed clients looking for luxury travel, and a sailing teams page that promised an elite regatta experience.    

Social Media Branding

Zig Travel social media branding images in iPhone mockup.

We laid the foundation for successful social media branding by providing a branded template, along with the first month of captions and images for Instagram and Facebook. The captions included travel tips, trends, and valuable information about sustainable and eco-friendly travel. We also provided hashtags and scheduled the posts for the company. 

Zig Travel social media branding images in iPhone mockup displayed in alternating rows.

Print Materials

Zig Travel needed business cards to match the updating branding, highlighting the elevated, luxury direction. We designed the cards to be sleek and elegant, with navy backing and gold foil lettering to evoke an upscale, professional feel.

Zig Travel business cards in white and navy with luxe gold lettering arrayed in diagonal rows to show front and back.

One of the little touches Zig Travel wanted to provide was branded note cards to send handwritten notes to their clients. We designed the note cards to align with the brand image. 

Zig Travel sleek branded note cards in clean white against grey background.

The Results

Crème de Mint’s branding and website design for the travel brand propelled them into the luxury travel world, spreading brand awareness and garnering a loyal clientele. Zig Travel’s new, transformed brand image was consistent and elegant, highlighting the mission of the brand and reflecting the goals the founder envisioned for the company.

I continually get compliments about the new look from my existing clients, and I’m proud to show off our new branding.

—Elizabeth Kratzig, Zig Travel