Sipping Shoppe package design showing customizable wooden box with burgundy hangtags and the tagline: Made For You.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Sipping Shoppe
Industry: Wine & Spirits
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Package Design
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Package design
Website design

The Challenge: Graphic Design for a Wine Label

Sipping Shoppe is a startup that sells wine in high-quality customized, engraved wooden boxes. The wine company needed graphic design for the label on the bottle and box.

The founder owned a gift service that offered spirits and wine bottles with custom labels. She wanted to build on the customization aspect and offer a high-end gift experience. 

She created Sipping Shoppe for people interested in unique gifts. The target audience is not wine experts, but they do understand the finer things in life. Sipping Shoppe strives to create products of the highest caliber, from the premium wine to the expertly crafted boxes. 

Along with the engraved boxes, the brand offers wine accessories and gift baskets with wine, nuts, and candy.

The founder needed a logo, packaging, and website design that would appeal to her target audience, showcase the quality of the products, and elevate the brand as a luxury gift maker. 

The Project 

Brand Identity and Logo

Sipping Shoppe black and white logo design featuring striped wine bottle icons in box frame outline.

We wanted the logo design to convey class and elegance. We also had to consider the technical aspect of the design—it would have to be engravable.

The striped wine bottle icons appeal to wine lovers and symbolize the power of wine to bring people together. The stripes are also reminiscent of fingerprints, a subtle nod to the personalization aspect of the brand. The frame represents the wooden box, the highlight of the product. The typography is clean and minimalist, creating a modern and polished feel.

Package Design

Sipping Shoppe package design showing customizable wooden box with burgundy hangtags and the tagline: Made For You.

The package design needed to capture the luxury feel of the brand while remaining simple—keeping the focus on the wine label brand and the customized engravings of the wooden boxes. We designed simple hangtags to elevate the look of the products without distracting from their beauty. 

The white logo pops on a deep red background, creating a feeling of sophistication and camaraderie. The bold tagline “Made For You”, we created reinforces the customization of the wine label and the box.

Website Design

Sipping Shoppe luxurious website design featuring the homepage with dark red and black features on laptop and ipad mockups.

We designed the look and feel of the website, establishing the premium brand essence—quality, craftsmanship, and superiority. We created the website sliders with captivating imagery that highlighted the products. Images of wine glasses and corks invoke thoughts of entertainment, friendship, and shared experiences. The patterned wood image reflects the craftsmanship and value of the products. 

The levels of darkness and brightness evoke luxury and refinement. The red bands across the bottom of the images are bold, stylish, and easy to read, making the website simple to navigate and also capturing the brand’s image.

Sipping Shoppe postcard simple red and cream design showing front and back with logo.

To create a cohesive brand image, we also designed postcards for Sipping Shoppe. The client used them to write handwritten messages to her customers to make their experience with the brand to feel warm and friendly. The eye-catching wine red color draws the eye and aligns with the essence of the brand.

The Results

Our designs created the high-end feel the founder envisioned for the brand. They highlighted the beauty and quality of the products and resonated with the target audience.