Notorious Pink 'Affordable Luxury, Artistic and Fun' wine branding strategy campaign showcasing their featured rosé in a dinner setting.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Notorious Pink
Industry: Wine & Spirits
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Freehold, New Jersey
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Creative Deliverables
Brand refresh

The Challenge: Branding Strategy for a Premium Wine Brand

Notorious Pink is an award-winning rosé made from the finest 100% Grenache from the South of France. The wine is refreshing and delicious, a premium rosé that anyone can enjoy. We created storyboards and a branding strategy for the wine company.

The brand needed a makeover of messaging, imagery, and style surrounding the product. 

They wanted to primarily target women aged 30-70, especially professional women and housewives, without excluding men from their marketing. The vision for the brand was luxury, entertainment, and liveliness—a rosé to enjoy anytime.

The Project 

Brand Refresh and Storyboards

We wanted the brand to capture the essence of living life to the fullest—eating the finest foods, trying new experiences, connecting to friends, family, and fun. We created storyboards that highlighted different brand campaigns and concepts. As part of the refresh, we established a new color palette, and provided visual inspiration, imagery, and direction.

Notorious Pink wine branding strategy storyboard with pink macarons, high-end designer gowns of pale pink, and shades of flowers and sunsets.

The color palette is inspired by food, fashion, and flora. We were inspired by delicious pink macarons, high-end designer gowns of pale pink, and the gorgeous shades of flowers and sunsets. The palette is made of warm, rosy tones combined with fruity neutral tones. Pops of dark brown add intensity and intrigue.

Notorious Pink wine branding strategy typography inspiration featuring different types of fonts and cool-toned colors.

We proposed a balanced combination of typography for the new branding to create contrast, rhythm, and direction for the Campaigns: Open Sans—a strong sans serif, Vanitas Regular—an elegant sans serif that evokes a Parisian, couture feel, Adobe Garamond—a high-end serif, and Bickham Script—a graceful, stylish script font. The typography weaves together to create layered looks and draw attention. 

Concept 1

We created three distinct concepts for the refresh. The first was infinite possibilities, a campaign to encourage the consumption of rosé any time throughout the year and to inspire consumers with images of potential events and occasions to drink Notorious Pink, from dinner parties to weddings to romantic date nights—Notorious Pink is an outlet for camaraderie and connection, opening the door to possibility.  

Notorious Pink 'Infinite Possibilities' wine branding strategy campaign with images of a dinner party, cocktails, and an excerpt about event.

Concept 2

The second concept was Global Brand, designed to position Notorious Pink as a sophisticated global brand to enrich life experiences—Notorious Pink is a sensible luxury that adventurous travelers can enjoy while they travel to exotic locations, wining, dining, and living life to the fullest.  

Notorious Pink 'Global Brand' campaign showing a woman sun bathing and featured Rosé with "Once Pink Always Pink" slogan.
Notorious Pink wine branding strategy for 'Global Brand' campaign with featured Rosé and "There are many rosé wines, and then there's Notorious Pink."

Concept 3

The third concept was Affordable Luxury, Artistic and Fun, to reflect the creative ways one can enjoy Notorious Pink, from using it as a base for cocktails during happy hour, to girls (or guys) night out, to family brunch—Notorious Pink is the gateway to a good time. 

Notorious Pink 'Affordable Luxury, Artistic and Fun' wine branding strategy campaign showcasing their featured rosé in a dinner setting.

The Results

Our work on the storyboards and brand refresh and storyboards for this wine company gave new life to the brand, revealing potential campaigns and branding that could reach new audiences and encourage consumers to associate the brand with possibility, camaraderie, and zest for life.