Simple Sexy envelope design in a blended zebra pattern with a touch of gold at opposite corners and logo in lower left.
Project Info
Brand/Client: A Simple Sexy
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Package Design
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Package design

The Challenge: Logo Design for an Accessories Brand

A Simple Sexy was a startup e-commerce accessory line for women. They created high-end clothing, jewelry, and accessories marketed toward middle and upper-class women with a keen eye for style and quality. The accessories brand needed a logo design that would set them apart.

The design established them as an upscale brand and appealed to women who enjoy the finer things in life, as well as smart packaging solutions that created elegant experiences for their customers and protected the jewelry when it was shipped.

The Project 

Brand Identity and Logo

Simple Sexy upscale logo design, featuring a solid circle in soft peach with white loop element inside over a delicate font.

We wanted to create a sophisticated logo that spoke to the fashion-loving woman. The icon is inspired by jewelry, looping together to create an intriguing, enticing image. It catches the eye and inspires the customer to want to know more. 

For the typeface, we chose Swiss 12BT Thin for “a simple,” a delicate, minimalist font. For “sexy,” we selected Serifa Thin BT, giving the word an extra pop. The combination of sans serif and serif font added a layered, interesting element to the logo.

Package Design

Because the brand was a startup, cost was a large factor. We had to provide the packaging solutions the company needed to protect the products and promote the sophisticated feel, while also staying cost-effective

We designed a folded envelope, inspired by Japanese origami techniques. Inside the envelope, the jewelry products would be wrapped securely, safe for transport.

Simple Sexy envelope design in a blended zebra pattern with a touch of gold at opposite corners and logo in lower left.

The zebra pattern of the envelopes was fun and lighthearted. The added touch of gold in the corner with the logo provided a polished look.

The Results

The logo and packaging designs created an irresistible memorable look that was chic and sexy. They created the foundation for the brand to launch and work toward their mission of empowering women with high-quality accessories. 

“No one has delivered like Creme de Mint. I tell Lauren what I want, give her creative freedom, and get award-winning work. Excellent!”

—Mauricia Ragland, A Simple Sexy