Everything You Need to know about the FDA rules for Dietary Supplement Labels


  For dietary supplement manufacturers and suppliers navigating the rules and regulations of the industry can feel overwhelming. Here is (we hope!) a helpful guide to the basics on: • What are supplements• How are they regulated• What are your responsibilities• How do you ensure compliance with U.S. law   What is a dietary supplement? […]

The Complete Step by Step Guide to labeling Alcohol


The labeling of alcoholic beverages might seem simple from the outset. After all, so far there is no nutritional facts requirement for alcohol and the elements of most of these beverages has a narrow list of inputs. But there are characteristics of a wine, beer, or spirits label that you have probably never noticed and […]

What’s trending in Skin Care in 2020?


Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. Simplicity is key for consumers this year. They are focused on recommended natural & healthy skincare options, while not breaking the bank. Below dives deeper into the 4 key points to understand what consumers are looking for in skin care in […]

How to find the right packaging for your beauty product


Your packaging is one of the key things that sets you apart from other beauty brands. Hiring a package designer is one of the best investments you can make from your beauty business because they take your vision for your packaging and bring it to life.    Types of packaging The first type is the […]

Monk Fruit: The Sweetener on Everyone’s Lips


Come what may in 2020, there is one thing for certain – consumers want healthier bodies and a healthier planet and are looking for nature-based solutions. We’ve long known the negative impacts of a high sugar diet – obesity, diabetes, high risk of heart disease – and yet our natural sweet tooth has ancient evolutionary […]

6 Trends That Will Change How We Eat and Look in 2020

6 Trends That Will Change How We Eat and Look in 2020

This Year’s Buzzword: Climate-Conscious A sense of climate urgency continues to build in 2020 and will impact the market decisions of consumers in a major way this year — how they eat, travel, and what they use on their bodies. As consumers make choices to reflect their individual climate commitments, this year will not only […]

What You Need to Know About Using Fonts


  Is Font Important? There are 100,000 types of font and counting. That might sound like a pretty high number, but it makes sense when you think about it. Fonts are used in practically everything we see – stores, signs, websites, license plates, you name it. The importance of fonts goes largely unrecognized, but they […]

How to create a unique and memorable logo in 8 steps

How to create a unique and memorable logo in 8 steps

Do you want to make your own logo? Even though a logo can be very simple — sometimes, just a symbol or a few letters — it takes a lot of thought and intentionality to create a great one. You have to understand your brand, what you want to portray with your logo, and how […]

A Brand’s Guide to Pet Supplements

A brand guide to pet supplements

As people have become more concerned about their own health, their pets are not far from mind. At least 72% of pet owners feel that their pets are family members and want to care for them the best they possibly can. That is why, as the market for human health supplements has exploded, so too […]