Top beauty business tips to set up your dream team


One of the key elements to creating a successful beauty business is putting together a team. It’s crucial to understand how to build a team for your business, including who to include in your team and how to hire and manage them. Even if you are starting out as a solopreneur and intending to do […]

The Worst Rebrand in History: How to Avoid Tropicana’s Famous Failure


Rebranding can be a strong marketing tool. It gives brands a chance to reinvent themselves, pivot to a new direction, and find new ways to stand out from the crowd. But not all rebrands are successful. History has seen many major companies attempt major rebrands only to fail. Possibly the worst of these was the […]

How to get funding for your beauty business


Funding your beauty business can feel overwhelming. You may not know where to start. There are so many different ways to fund your business, from using your own money, reaching out to friends and family, crowdfunding, loans, credit cards, etc. More likely, you are going to fund your business from a variety of these options. […]

Everything You Need to know about the FDA rules for Dietary Supplement Labels


For dietary supplement companies navigating the rules and regulations of the industry can feel overwhelming. In this article, we explain the rules in clear and simple way, so that you can feel confident about your dietary supplement labels. Here is (we hope!) a helpful guide to the basics on: What are supplements How are they […]

The History and Future of Soap: From Ancient Civilizations to COVID and Beyond


It’s safe to say that most people have taken soap for granted. We use it every day in multiple forms, relying on it to keep us clean and healthy. Before the global pandemic, most of us probably didn’t give soap too much thought, besides what brand or scent we preferred! Now, though, soap is getting […]

The Complete Step by Step Guide to labeling Alcohol


The labeling of alcoholic beverages might seem simple from the outset. After all, so far there is no nutritional facts requirement for alcohol and the elements of most of these beverages has a narrow list of inputs. But there are characteristics of a wine, beer, or spirits label that you have probably never noticed and […]

What’s trending in Skin Care in 2020?


Skin care doesn’t have to be complicated if you don’t want it to be. Simplicity is key for consumers this year. They are focused on recommended natural & healthy skincare options, while not breaking the bank. Below dives deeper into the 4 key points to understand what consumers are looking for in skin care in […]

How to find the right packaging for your beauty product


Your packaging is one of the key things that sets you apart from other beauty brands. Hiring a package designer is one of the best investments you can make from your beauty business because they take your vision for your packaging and bring it to life.    Types of packaging The first type is the […]

Monk Fruit: The Sweetener on Everyone’s Lips


Come what may in 2020, there is one thing for certain – consumers want healthier bodies and a healthier planet and are looking for nature-based solutions. We’ve long known the negative impacts of a high sugar diet – obesity, diabetes, high risk of heart disease – and yet our natural sweet tooth has ancient evolutionary […]

How to choose the right manufacturer for your beauty product?

Manufacture your beauty product the right way

The process of choosing a manufacturer to work with can feel daunting, which is why we’re here to help you understand how the beauty product manufacturing process works. Choosing the right manufacturers is an essential part of running a successful beauty brand, as your manufacturer will determine the quality and price of your products, and […]