Pet Supplements 101: 5 Questions Every New Brand in the Industry Needs to Ask

Dr. Carol pet product labels supplement bottle design showcased next to puppy against white background.

The health and fitness industry has skyrocketed over the last decade, and with it, so have protein bars, health food, and dietary supplements.  But human supplements aren’t alone in that growth. As more people have grown health-conscious and concerned about their own wellness, they have also started focusing on the health of their four-legged best […]

Farmer’s Markets: The Perfect Place to Sell Your Juice or Homemade Cookies in Miami

Food packaging companies located in florida selling juice.

As one of the food packaging design companies in Florida, we’ve seen a lot of businesses launch from the ground up, including many new juice and homemade cookie businesses. If you’re launching a similar business, you might be wondering where the best place to sell them is!  You’ve decided to dive in and start selling […]

Sobriety and Sober Curiosity: Why Beverage Brands Need to Embrace the Trend of Non-Alcoholic Drinks


Alcohol, step aside—there’s a new trend in town: mocktails and non-alcoholic adult drinks.  After the pandemic started, alcohol sales skyrocketed. Sales of alcohol outside of restaurants and bars rose by 24%. That wasn’t necessarily surprising—people were staying at home more, avoiding bars, and increasing their grocery budgets in general. Combined with an increase in struggles […]

Client Spotlight: A Startup Juice Company’s Journey to Success

Lori Robinson never dreamed of owning a juice company. Her passion, from the time she was a small child, was advertising. But a chance connection with a juice aficionado (and founder of a local juice startup) paved the way for a beautiful partnership.   The two forged Juicera—a cold-pressed juice company that has been dedicated to […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Launch a Beauty Brand? Here’s How to Find Out.

Multiple nude makeup powders photographed on a table placed opened or close with cap.

Launching a beauty brand isn’t for everyone. It’s exciting and appealing, but it’s also a process with a lot of moving parts. It requires in-depth planning, tenacity, and the willingness to pivot when things aren’t working.  Through the process of launching and operating my own beauty brand— 42 Dubonnet— I learned a lot of lessons. […]

Top 7 steps to identify the right beauty business for you

Top 7 steps to identify the right beauty business for you

Your passions and purpose, unique skills and talents, values, experiences, and perspectives are all sources to draw from in order to create a unique and profitable niche for your beauty business. However, with so many different components to consider, identifying the proper business steps can get a bit confusing. Here, we explore each of these […]

Top beauty business tips to set up your dream team


One of the key elements to creating a successful beauty business is putting together a team. It’s crucial to understand how to build a team for your business, including who to include in your team and how to hire and manage them. Even if you are starting out as a solopreneur and intending to do […]