Avon Aromadisiac fragrance product packaging boxes in pink ombre for her and translucent black for him.
Project Info
Brand: Aromadisiac
Client: Avon
Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics
Designed by: Lauren Casgren-Tindall and Avon design team
Location: New York City, New York
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Package Design
Product Design
Creative Deliverables
Brand identity
Package design
Product design

The Challenge: Fragrance Product Packaging for Aromadisiac

Avon was launching a new fragrance duo—Aromadisiac. The concept of the fragrance was temptation, awakening every sense and desire, resulting in undeniable attraction. The company needed fragrance product packaging and branding that reflected that spark, sizzle, and sensuality. As part of the Avon design team, I managed the project, including the design, branding, and printing. 

The Project

Product Design

Avon Aromadisiac fragrance product packaging boxes in pink ombre for her and translucent black for him.

To begin with, the bottles needed something to set them apart—an intriguing design that told the story of the fragrance. So, we designed them to fit within each other, to pair together in perfect harmony, just like the female form with the male form. 

In particular, the deep pink ombre bottle for her and the translucent black for him signify passion and power. The sensual connection of the bottles align with the fragrance concept—appealing, romantic, and sexy. 

Logo & Package Design

In the same way, I carried this atmosphere into the box packaging design, adding silhouettes of the human form to evoke passion and sensuality. 

Aromadisiac for him is an arousing scent of spicy coriander and addictive fig surrounded by smoldering leather patchouli. Then, the brown and black of the box are masculine, mysterious, and powerful, matching the mood of the fragrance. 

Aromadisiac for her is the ultimate seductress—the heat of pink peppercorn and addictive florals wrapped in sensual warm amber. The deep pink maroon of the box further highlights feminine mystique, strength, and sensuality. 

Finally, we selected a sleek sans serif font for the typeface—modern and inviting. 

The Results

As a result of our work, the packaging and branding created an edgy, enticing concept that paved the way for a successful launch of the new line. 

Great aesthetic, highly creative packaging – always delivers and is a pleasure to work with.

—Patricia Demnisky-Green, Director of Global Package Design, Avon Products