Why accessible products are important

accessible packaging

  It might feel impossible to think back to a time when consumers didn’t have many product options to choose from. Now with mega-stores like Amazon, it feels like possibilities are limitless. But for millions of Americans with disabilities and limitations, there are still only limited accessible product options. People with limitations or disabilities have […]

Makeup & Skincare for Men: The Hot New Beauty Market!

men's grooming

  Making Progress Makeup has a long and colorful history. While people may think that makeup has always been, exclusively, a woman’s product, that just isn’t the case. Men have been using makeup as far back as 4000 BCE. Many different cultures, from the ancient Egyptians to the 18th century French court, have used makeup […]

Is bad packaging hurting your sales?

If success were easy, everyone would have it. There may be barriers you are unaware of that may be hurting your product sales and ultimately your business success. Being ignored on the shelf Most consumers shop on autopilot. Very few people come to a store looking for new products to try. Most scan the shelves […]

Why Swedes design licorice to look like a cough drop

One thing I noticed that is well-loved in Scandinavia and Northern Europe is licorice. In Sweden, bright-colored licorice vendors can be found on every other street corner. One variety especially loved is black licorice. Anywhere you see sweets you will find different forms of black licorice. The most unique kind is salty licorice. This salty […]

Why is Swedish bread designed with a hole in the center?

Sweden is known for IKEA, ABBA, and their meatballs, but have you tried their bread? When I think of bread in Europe, I often think of the fresh bakeries of France or Germany filled daily with hot fresh breads, tasty croissants or fluffy sourdough. In Sweden, the tradition is different. Although there are plenty of […]

Chalk in your hair?

  Chalk in your hair? Nordstrom is selling hair chalk and their packaging is not targeting teens. The clean, simple packaging is targeting an older, perhaps more nostalgic customer. Perhaps is it the nostalgia of having multicolored Manic Panic colored hair back in college, but slightly less permanent that appeals to me and many others in […]