Use This Tool to Find the Right Customer for Your Product Business

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How you think launching a product is going to go: Come up with a great product Figure out who’s going to buy it Manufacture, market, and distribute Voila! Million dollar business.  That’s the idea that many product business owners have in their heads. But in reality, that method misses the mark.  If you’re not focused […]

Planning a Flawless Launch for Your Product Business: 10 Key Steps for Success

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You’ve chosen your business name, set up your business legally, selected a manufacturer, and planned out your design and copy—now it’s time for the launch! Launching your product business is very exciting. But it’s important that you launch your business strategically. Your goals for your launch are to build your email list, get people excited […]

How to Develop an Online Marketing Strategy for Your Product Business

Many new business owners are overwhelmed by the thought of online marketing, and it’s easy to see why. There’s a lot of information out there, and you don’t know where to start. But once you’ve launched your product business, creating an online marketing strategy is highly beneficial. It’s one of the fastest and easiest ways […]

Partner Up with a Complementary Brand to Increase Sales


Businesses rely on people in all capacities, whether they are customers or staff. It is no surprise, therefore, that a strategy involving the human element would be successful. A partnership could bring your brand increased exposure and benefit both businesses, as long as they are complementary, not competitive. Complement an established brand There is a […]

Segmenting Your Audience

Segmentation for Optimal Reach

Competition is fierce and everyone wants to get a slice of the pie. Marketing departments are always looking for ways to connect with their brand’s targeted audiences. Every business, from a solopreneur to a large corporation, must court a specific audience consistently and in a way that addresses their specific pain points. Segmentation is a […]

How to Get the Conversation Started about Your New Brand

Make your voice count

New brands have a challenge: most consumers will stick with brands they know because it makes them feel as if they made the correct purchase last time by repeating the action. Consumers want to feel in the know, but not at the expense of their comfort. Brands need to educate, entice, and provide consistency. Avenues […]

Attracting Your Ideal Customer

  Understanding your customers and their pain points is the first step in being a successful business. While they may share similar struggles, every customer is singular. It is crucial to understand how each differs and how to address unique concerns without trying to please everyone thus, risking the dilution of your product. Several steps […]

#1 Best Way to Market a New Business

  No man is an island; neither, apparently, is a business. Entrepreneurs may not need staff, but they do need customers. When going into business, you were most likely told to network as if it were a part-time job. In many ways, it is not as much about getting your name out there to everyone […]

Top 5 ways to get positive online reviews

Your aim should be for every customer to have such a positive experience that they want to tell everyone about it. In the digital age where plates of food and selfies with treasured products are the norm on social media feeds, this should seem like an easy task. Websites such as make it easy […]

Do you understand your customer?

You have a product or service, but now what? All to often we think that the happy ever after just unfolds without any work on our end. In business, this could not be further from the truth. A potential customer must first be aware that your products exist. In the digital age of social media, […]