Summa Nerd business cards in orange and white with offset glasses icon on the back, arranged in diagonal rows.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Summa Nerd
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Atlantic City, New Jersey
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Print Design
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Business cards

The Challenge: Logo Design for a Web Developer

Summa Nerd is the persona of entrepreneur and web programmer Mauricia Ragland. She’s a savvy developer who works with startups and small businesses. She needed a web developer logo design that felt professional but gave her brand a personal edge.

Mauricia wanted something that would capture the interest of business owners and emphasize her experience. She also wanted to highlight the fact that she is a female developer in a male-dominated industry. The logo also needed to fit her online persona as a blogger and speaker in the tech space.

The Project 

Brand Identity and Logo

We wanted to capture the hip, young, and edgy vibe of Mauricia’s personality. Summa Nerd stood out because of her experience in the industry and dedication to her clients. The designs needed to reflect that while also maintaining a feminine feel.

Summa Nerd logo design, featuring orange glasses and with cobalt code elements in the lenses over a high-tech font.

The logo design is personable and inviting. The glasses icon, complete with a piece of tape in the center, plays into her “nerd theme.” They are also a subtle cat-eye shape, capturing the slightly feminine feel that she wanted for her brand. The lenses contain coding symbols, indicating that she is well-versed in the programmer world and knows her way around a computer. 

The braces around “Summa Nerd” are another coding symbol, an extra element symbolizing Mauricia’s programming knowledge. 

For the brand colors, we chose orange and light blue, reflecting warmth and trustworthiness. We created a customized techy font based loosely off of Code Bold font for “Summa.” The Trade Gothic Light typeface of “Web Developer ~ Entrepreneur” balances the look and reflects the brand’s expertise.

Business Card Design

We also designed business cards that commanded attention and established Summa Nerd as a professional brand. The front of the card is sleek and clean, keeping the focus on the logo. The back of the card is a bold orange with the glasses, off-centered and white to pop and draw the eye.

Summa Nerd business orange and white cards arranged in stacks to show front and back against grey background.

The Results

The design for Summa Nerd reflected Mauricia’s vision for her brand—a knowledgeable web development brand built on experience and expertise. It also maintained a feminine feel to appeal to female business owners. Mauricia appreciated the personal touches and the way the design captured her empowered nerdiness, spunk, and personality.