Juicera food package design showcasing 5 different flavors in a row with bottle labels in yellow, purple, and green.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Juicera
Industry: Food & Beverage
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Package Design
Print Design
Creative Deliverables
Brand identity
Business cards 
Label design for 9 juices (8-oz & 12-oz) & 2 shots
4-pack display (4 flavors)
Trade show banner
Truck decal
Print ready artwork mechanicals
Private label designs

The Challenge: Juice Branding and Packaging Design for Juicera

Juicera, a South Florida juice company that sells in Whole Foods wanted a unique brand identity—they were tired of their product looking like everything else on the shelf. They wanted something that leaped off the shelves, captured attention, and made sure that their products got noticed. Juicera wanted their product to stay colorful and simple, but in a way that didn’t just blend in. They turned to Crème de Mint to revamp the branding and packaging design for their specialty juice company.

Juicera packaging design showcased poolside with different flavors displayed on a table.

The Project

We wanted to establish a distinct brand voice for Juicera—something that captured the essence of the brand, showed what made them special, and engaged customers as they walked by. 

Brand Identity and Logo Design


Juicera logo before the redeisgn in all black font with the letter "U" in lime green.


Juicera logo design in bold black sans serif font with droplet going into the “U”.

As an emerging juice startup, Juicera needed to stand out in a crowded industry. But their original logo was cluttered and unclear. 

We emphasized Juicera’s commitment to providing the best-tasting quality juices to their customer by playing up the “U.” The “U” mimics a glass, bringing forth an image of freshly squeezed juice rather than one made from concentrate. We added a droplet into the “U” to symbolize filling that glass, just as Juicera fills the needs of “U,” the customer. 

For the typeface, we chose GT Adriana Bold. The heavy strokes pop on the packaging, and the curvature of the letters is reminiscent of fruit. 

Package Design

Juicera packaging design before the redesign showcasing different flavors and bottle colors.

The original packaging looked similar to other juice brands and missed an opportunity to highlight freshness and fruitiness. 

Juicera food package design showing 5 different flavors in an angled row with bottle labels in yellow, purple, and green.

The packaging is designed to be clean, bright, and eye-catching. The half-moon die-cut symbolizes a fruit wedge and a drop of juice, highlighting the freshness and natural element of the juice. Juicera is 100% juice with no added water—pure, fresh, and true to the fruit. 

The packaging reflects that clean freshness with its simplicity. The ingredients are displayed prominently so the customer knows right away that they’re getting a natural juice without fillers. 

Juicera packaging design showcasing Watermelon Fresca flavor being poured into a glass with cut lemon near.

We also created the tagline “made true for you” as an extra call-back to the wholeness of the product and Juicera’s commitment to the customer. We based the tagline off of customer feedback—what people loved about Juicera was that it was fresh and full of flavor, the same quality of freshly-squeezed juice you could make at home. Those responses revealed what made the brand special—it felt as if it was truly made for the customer.   

Juicera packaging design showcasing women enjoying juice shots.

Promotional Materials

Juicera also needed new promotional materials to reflect the updated imagery. We designed business cards, van decals, and banners that aligned with the revamped brand identity, providing a cohesive look for marketing. 

Juicera business cards front and back view in bold green with half-moon die-cut.
Juicera bright pink and green banners arranged next to each other against grey backdrop.

The Results

The end product not only stood out from the rest of the juice on the shelf—it also stood for what made the brand great. The colorful, minimalistic, bold packaging reflected the brand’s mission and attracted customers. Whole Foods, the brand’s primary vendor, admired the designs and knew they resonated with their clientele. The packaging designs contributed to Juicera’s success and growth. Since our work on the project, Juicera has expanded to over 150 locations, including restaurants, hotels, and grocery store chains.

Juicera juice brand product photography of a man and a woman enjoying after a workout.

Juicera’s co-founder, Lori Robinson, recently sat down with us for a client spotlight to share her appreciation for our designs and to give us insight into her entrepreneurial journey. Read the spotlight here.   

The team never stops until things are perfect.

—Lori Robinson, Co-founder of Juicera