Alkaline Vegan News brand identity showing business card design with leaf logo on the front and watermark on the back.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Alkaline Vegan News
Industry: Health & Wellness
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Print Design
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Logo design
Business cards
Website design
E-book design
Video graphics
Print artwork mechanicals

The Challenge: Logo Design for a Holistic Company

Alkaline Vegan News is committed to sharing vegan news, recipes, natural remedies, and educating consumers about healing. The founder of the brand faced health struggles and began a journey into healing and detoxification. After experiencing a significant difference in her life due to diet, herbs, and holistic healing, she decided to share the knowledge she gained with the world. She launched Alkaline Vegan News (along with her herb business, Alkaline Herb Shop) to impact the lives of others and share a path to transformation. At Crème de Mint, our creative branding agency, we created logo design and branding for the holistic brand.

The Project

To establish an identity for the vegan brand, the founder needed a logo design that captured the spirit of holistic health. She also needed the brand to appeal to her target audience—young people with an interest in natural remedies and alternative healing. She also needed a website design that highlighted the different areas of her expertise and allowed her followers to easily navigate and learn important health tips. 

Mood Boards

To begin with, we created mood boards with different concepts for the branding of the company. The boards included market analysis, competitor research, and three distinct directions we could take the brand. Specifically, we created a medical apothecary look, a nature-inspired look, and a look with an exotic vibe. Each concept also included imagery, a color story, and font exploration that aligned with the brand essence. These boards gave the founder a visual look and understanding of all the possibilities for her brand.

Brand Identity and Logo

Alkaline Vegan News brand identity logo design using botanical and geometric elements with triangle and leaf above text.

For the logo design, we blended botanical and geometric elements to create a sense of balance as well as establish Alkaline Vegan News as a research-driven natural healing authority. The triangle in particular symbolizes balance, harmony, and wholeness. The neutral, muted color palette of sage green, gray, and black evokes freshness and a connection to nature. Finally, a blend of serif and sans-serif typography provide a layered look that feels clinical and educated. 

Website Design

We wanted the website to feel educational, inspiring—full of openness and wisdom. The images are apothecary: a mortar and pestle, spices, herbs, powders, scales, an inkwell and script. They are reminiscent of ancient but established medicinal knowledge.

Alkaline Vegan News website homepage design with apothecary images in muted tones of sage green, gray, and black.

Ebook Design

In order to help the founder share her knowledge and present herself as an authority on natural health, we designed an e-book—The Alkaline Diet Guide. It shared the reasons why an alkaline vegan diet can improve health, and also explained how to implement it and live a healthier lifestyle. Using imagery of wholesome grains, vibrant fruits, and bright vegetables, we designed the cookbook to capture the reader’s attention and inspire them to give the diet a try.

Alkaline Vegan News Diet Guide e-book showcasing health improvement tips and imagery of different grains, fruits and vegetables.

Business Card Design

We also designed business cards so that the founder could promote the brand. The clean, simple design aligned with the medical apothecary look of the brand.

Alkaline Vegan News business cards arranged in stacks to show front and back view against a light beige backdrop.

The Results

As a result, Crème de Mint’s designs took an established educational brand and gave it a cohesive, professional feel. The founder was able to continue to grow the brand and use it to promote her other business, Alkaline Herb Shop, as well as to spread the power of an alkaline vegan diet and a holistic path to wellness.

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