Ahead Coach logo design in vivid orange and magenta. Created mood boards to inspire this logo design.
Project Info
Brand: Ahead Coach & The Confident Trader
Client: Ahead Coach
Industry: Business & Retail
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Logo & Branding
Digital Marketing
Creative Deliverables
Brand identity
Mood boards
Product naming
Email newsletter design
Business card design
Website banner design

The Challenge: Designing a Business Coaching Brand

Ahead Coach is a mindset business coaching brand for day traders that helps them overcome the mental blocks that cloud their judgment. Significantly, these can keep them from making consistent profits and succeeding with trading. So, Agnieszka Wood, the Trading Mindset Coach, created her company to address this need. Ahead Coach needed cohesive branding, including logo design, mood boards, email newsletter design, business cards, and a website banner, that represented confidence, trustworthiness, and warmth. Further, she needed these elements to encourage struggling traders to seek the help they need to succeed. The brand also needed copywriting and a name for a signature eight week course they were launching. 

The Project: Mood Boards, Brand Identity and Logo Design

Logo Mood Boards

Crème de Mint created mood boards that highlighted two concepts for the branding and logo. To illustrate, concept one highlighted iconic language, using UX elements, which would reinforce brand recognition and grab attention. Then, concept two emphasized typographic language, using a minimalistic, modern approach that focused on bold fonts and captivating headlines. Finally, the mood boards presented the visual inspiration, color palette, and font concepts for each direction. 

Brand Identity and Logo Design

Crème de Mint wanted the logo to be inviting and engaging, and so paint a picture of a successful future. Accordingly, the “AC” becomes an arrow that points ahead, representing movement and traction. The symbol contains dimensions, attracting the eye and offering a growth-oriented atmosphere. 

The color palette of vivid orange and magenta symbolizes warmth and encouragement. For the typography, we chose Montserrat Bold and Montserrat Light, creating balance and weight. 

Created mood boards for Ahead Coach to inspire their logo design. Shown in vivid orange and magenta using Montserrat Bold and Montserrat Light fonts.

Brand Presentation

Crème de Mint also designed a brand presentation that dove deeper into our vision for the brand. We created the tagline, “Coach Your Head. Launch Your Life,” to evoke a belief in possibility and progress. The presentation gave a cohesive look at the way the elements would work together to establish the brand identity, contribute to brand recognition, and reflect the company’s essence. 

Course Design and Name

For the brand’s course, we wrote the copy, created the name, and designed the image. The brand’s name, “The Confident Trader,” communicated what set the course apart. Students will learn how to trade with empowerment and confidence, overcoming the mindset that holds them back.  

Ahead Coach business course brand design with flying paper airplanes and The Confident Trader quote.

Business Card Design

For the business cards, we reinforced the theme of progress and growth, using an arrow to represent moving upward and onward. The vibrant colors catch the eye and align with the brand identity, establishing a cohesive brand image. 

Ahead Coach business cards arranged in 2 stacks showing front and back view.

Newsletter Design

Ahead Coach also needed a newsletter design that helped promote that unified brand image. So, Crème de Mint designed a newsletter header that incorporated the new logo, tagline, and brand colors. The header pops and commands attention while also creating a professional feel for the newsletter. 

Ahead Coach header design with logo, "Coach Your Head, Launch Your Life" tagline, and vibrant brand colors.

The Results

Crème de Mint’s designs subsequently helped establish Ahead Coach as a reliable authority for day traders. The designs were warm and encouraging, further communicating the message that success is attainable and help is available. We created a cohesive brand image that is eye-catching, recognizable, and memorable. 

They found it important to express my brand in a way that would best reflect my business… Crème de Mint exceeded our expectations.

—Agnieszka Wood, Ahead Coach