10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Designer

Web designer designing website, mapping out each page.

10 Questions to Ask When Hiring a Web Designer The questions you ask when hiring a web designer can impact the success of your website.  Whether you’re creating a website for your business for the first time or you’re revamping an existing one, asking the right questions will help you make a hiring decision and […]

How to Measure Your Business Success: Choosing the Right KPIs to Track

Entrepreneur tracking their business metric KPIs with coffee mug placed next to the laptop.

When you’re running a small business, it’s important to track data and measure your business success. But how do you do that? What should you track? And how will you know whether you’re successful? The answer lies in KPIs—key performance indicators. Without tracking your KPIs, your business could be floating around without a direction. After […]

Client Spotlight: Ahead Coach—The Journey of a Trading Success and Mindset Coach

From the time she was a child, Agnieszka Wood was a born entrepreneur. Even when she entered the corporate world, she always had a drive to envision business ideas and implement them.  She studied Neuro-Linguistic Programming and began to learn about psychology, self-empowerment, and personal development—themes that led her to understand why people strive, succeed, […]

Successful Business Owners Have These Things in Common

Woman entrepreneur sitting on a couch working on laptop in the comfort of her home.

So you want to launch a business? You’ve come up with an idea, and you’re ready to get started! But do you have what it takes to start a successful business?  Despite what you may think, business success isn’t just about having experience, investors, or money. Of course those are helpful, but they aren’t everything! […]

Exiting Your Product Business: How and Why to Make a Shutdown Plan Before You Launch

Exiting Your Product Business- How and Why to Make a Shutdown Plan Before You Launch

If you’re launching a product business, the last thing you want to think about is what happens if you fail. But part of starting a business is planning ahead for all contingencies—including exiting your business. Somewhere down the line, you might come to the point where your business is no longer growing or bringing in […]

Should you start your business with a co-founder?


One of the most important decisions you’ll make when starting your business is whether to share it with one or more co-founders. Starting a business with a partner means you’ll have more support and resources, but you won’t have the same autonomy and you’ll be sharing your profits with someone else. Therefore, with such high […]

Learn how to research and analyze your competitors

Learn how to analyze your competitors

Competitor research is crucial to the success of your brand. Not only will it help you understand your competitors’ strengths and weaknesses, but position your business in a way that is equal parts competitive as it is intelligent. This way, you can ensure that your business is continuously innovating and staying ahead of the curve. […]

A New Year’s Resolution for your Business?


  What are Business Resolutions? New year, new resolutions. At some point, nearly everyone tries to make resolutions to see improvements in their life at the start of a new year. Whether it’s starting a new diet, picking up a new hobby, or simply just trying to be more open-minded, resolutions are usually personal. But […]