Dr. Carol pet product labels supplement bottle design showcased next to puppy against white background.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Dr. Carol DVM
Industry: Herbs & Supplements
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Cleveland, Ohio
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Brand Identity
Package Design
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Brand identity
Package design
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The Challenge: Redesigning Pet Product Labels for Retail Success

Dr. Carol DVM Dog & Cat Formula offers traditional and natural therapies to help pets live long and healthy lives. The brand ⁠was founded by an integrative veterinarian, specializing in a holistic approach to pet health. The founder sold the brand in her office, but wanted to expand into retail to spread her reach and share the benefits of her products with more pet owners around the country. She hired Crème de Mint to take her pet product labels to the next level.

The Project

Brand Identity and Logo


Dr. Carol logo before the redesign over a green ribbon, with white font and the founder's photo in black and white centered.


Dr. Carol DVM clinical but friendly primary brand logo design in black and blue with paw icon.

The brand needed new labels for its supplements that inspired trust and established it as a professional authority while appealing to pet owners and their love for their animals.

We wanted the logo to be clinical but friendly—something that showed Dr. Carol’s expertise and authority but had a gentle quality to appeal to pet owners. We added the paw to emphasize the brand’s commitment to putting pets first. For the logo typeface, we picked Avenir Book, a clean and minimalistic sans serif font that inspired trust and reflected authenticity. The brand color palette is black, blue, and white, representing professionalism, knowledge, and reliability. 


Dr Carol logo before the redesign in red and blue typography against white backdrop.


Dr. Carol DVM clinical but friendly logo design for PAAWS pet supplement brand in black and blue with paw icon.

We also created the logo for the company’s sub-brand, PAAWS line—a supplement line to promote youthful energy and longevity. This was the brand’s most popular line, and we wanted to align the logo and label with the new branding direction. 

The original logo felt too cluttered and casual. She needed a logo that maintained the warmth and personality while feeling more clean and professional. 

To accompany the Avenir Book typeface of the primary logo, we incorporated Franklin Gothic and PT Sans Narrow, clean fonts that added visual interest while staying true to the brand vision.

The Package Design

Dr. Carol DVM PAAWS pet product labels supplement bottle design in white, blue, black with friendly dog sleeping next to the bottle.

Our goal for the labels was to promote a medicinal feel while still maintaining warmth and approachability. We wanted pet owners to get excited about the possibilities the brand created for their pets. 

The original labels were busy and disjointed. They didn’t align with the professional feeling of the brand.

Dr. Carol DVM pet supplement bottle label before the redesign in white, blue, and yellow labels.

We created sleek, cohesive labels that felt more sophisticated. Instead of busy color gradients, we chose a wide palette of colors, each one pairing with an important healthcare essential for pets. The colors include peaches, oranges, pinks, purples, teals, greens, and grays, inspired by nature. 

To add a lighthearted twist that pet lovers would appreciate, we replaced the images with friendly dog and cat icons—simple but showing that same love for animals.

Dr. Carol DVM pet supplement bottle label design in white, blue, purple, and green with friendly dog and cat icons.
Dr. Carol DVM PAAWS pet product labels supplement design in blue, black and white elements against white background.

The Results

Crème de Mint’s designs reflected the brand’s experience and expertise. We created a cohesive brand image and helped the brand highlight their commitment to helping pets everywhere. Pet owners could feel confident with their purchases, knowing their pets could live better, healthier, and happier lives.

Dr. Carol pet product labels supplement bottle design next to friendly dog laying against light grey backdrop.

WOW, working with Lauren has been amazing! Lauren and her staff took our rebranding campaign to the next level and made our labels look like rock stars. The level of professionalism and ease of working with Lauren has resulted in some seriously awesome looking labels and designs. We looked for months for the right company to meet our budget and design goals and after working with Lauren I am happy to say that they nailed it! Having interviewed more than a dozen other companies I could not be more thrilled to have been recommended to Crème de Mint.

Mike Shanker, Dr Carol DVM