How to Launch Your Own Skincare Line: From Foundation to Marketing

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If you’re passionate about skincare, you might have considered launching your own skincare line. After all, you’ve experimented with different brands, developed a feel for what works and doesn’t, and watched many brands gain success! Now is the perfect time to start your own skincare brand. The skincare industry is thriving, growing year after year. […]

How to Build Your Own Supplement Line: Everything You Need to Get Started

Build your own supplement line with Keto Science, showing supplement products placed in a row with fruit against a grey backdrop.

Do you want to build your own supplement line but aren’t sure where to start?  Starting an herb or supplement company can be a profitable business. The wellness industry is booming—it’s currently worth $1.5 trillion and growing every year!   Maybe you have a passion for herbs and natural healing. Or perhaps you have relied on […]

Starting Your Own Wine Label: Everything You Need to Know

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Do you dream of starting a wine business but don’t want to run a vineyard?  If so, then you’re in luck—starting a private label wine brand offers you the chance to break into the wine world and run a successful business.  It’s a great time to start a wine brand—millennials in particular enjoy wine regularly!   […]

Do You Have What It Takes To Launch a Beauty Brand? Here’s How to Find Out.

Multiple nude makeup powders photographed on a table placed opened or close with cap.

Launching a beauty brand isn’t for everyone. It’s exciting and appealing, but it’s also a process with a lot of moving parts. It requires in-depth planning, tenacity, and the willingness to pivot when things aren’t working.  Through the process of launching and operating my own beauty brand— 42 Dubonnet— I learned a lot of lessons. […]

How to get funding for your beauty business


Funding your beauty business can feel overwhelming. You may not know where to start. There are so many different ways to fund your business, from using your own money, reaching out to friends and family, crowdfunding, loans, credit cards, etc. More likely, you are going to fund your business from a variety of these options. […]