Zach Madison skincare packaging design showing an array of sleek black bottles with men's grooming tools.
Project Info
Brand/Client: Zach Madison
Industry: Beauty & Cosmetics (Organic Men’s Skincare)
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami Beach, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Package Design
Print Design
Creative Deliverables
Brand identity
Label & package design
Business cards
Print ready artwork mechanicals

The Challenge: Packaging Design for a Men’s Skincare Line

When the founder of Zach Madison couldn’t find men’s grooming and skincare products for men with sensitive skin, he decided to launch his own line. He needed a logo and packaging design for the skincare line that reflected his mission.

As he searched for skincare products for himself, every product he tried caused razor burn and irritated his skin. He started looking into what the available products were made from and realized that men’s products were full of harsh chemicals and unnecessary ingredients.

Nobody seemed to be making quality, naturally-derived skincare products for men. The founder set out to change that. The result was Zach Madison—an organic skincare line created with men in mind. 

The brand needed designs that reflected the founder’s modern vision and resonated with men in their 20s-40s who wanted better quality skincare products that wouldn’t cause razor burn and irritation.

The Project 

Brand Identity and Logo

Zach Madison modern black and white logo design with large Z rendered in swift brush strokes over brand name.

The brand was contemporary, modern, and stylish. Crème de Mint, our cutting-edge packaging design company, wanted the logo to match that same feeling. Our logo design is organic, minimal, and fashionable. We emphasized the “Z,” creating memorable dynamic imagery that stood out. 

The black and silver color palette evokes power, luxury, and strength. We used the simple yet masculine Walkaway Expand Regular font to emphasize the high-end feel of the brand.

The Package Design

Zach Madison skincare packaging design showing an array of sleek black bottles with bold silver logo and lettering.

The silver “Z” pops on the sleek black bottles, instantly commanding attention. The packaging is minimalistic but high-class, reflecting the products’ organic simplicity and upscale essence. The clean, uncluttered design creates an upscale feel and keeps the focus on the logo.

Zach Madison skincare packaging design showing three products in an array of sleek black bottles with bold silver logo and lettering.

The Business Cards

Zach Madison black business cards with metallic 'Z' arranged in slanted rows showing front and back on granite backdrop.
Zach Madison black business cards with metallic 'Z' showing front and back on top of granite backdrop.

We also designed business cards that aligned with the brand essence and image—sleek black with the same flash of silver from the logo.  They are upscale, assertive, and polished.

The Results

Above all, the package and logo design helped establish Zach Madison as an elite product line for men’s skincare, filling a niche for men that wasn’t being served. As a result of our work, the products looked elegant but masculine, simple but powerful.

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