Tio Gazpacho food package design with product in clear bottles, logo, and ingredients on front.
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Brand/Client: Tio Gazpacho
Industry: Food & Beverage
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: New York City, New York
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The Challenge: Food Package Design for a Drinkable Gazpacho

Tio Gazpacho is the first of its kind in the market—drinkable gazpacho (a traditional cold Spanish soup). They needed a food packaging design that would highlight what the product was, pique interest, and encourage consumers to try out this wholesome, healthy veggie option.

The founder moved to Spain and fell in love with their to-go gazpacho options. When he returned to the US, he was determined to bring that tradition with him and create the country’s first to-go gazpacho. The product was similar to a savory smoothie, something unlike anything else here.

The designs needed to be eye-catching and offer a peek at the delicious product.

The Project 

Brand Identity and Logo


Tio Gazpacho logo before the redesign in funky bright green and yellow font and vegetable icons.


Tio Gazpacho logo design, a tomato-red square with the brand name in white sans serif and a green leaf over the I in Tio.

Originally, the client was selling the product at farmer’s markets in plain bottles with a traditional, Spanish-inspired logo. 

But he wanted to sell his product in Whole Foods and target a juice-crazed, health-oriented clientele. He had not planned to revamp his logo, but we knew that he needed a more modern approach to resonate with the target consumer. 

He agreed to the logo design, and we got to work on a logo that would reach the clientele he desired. The logo is bold, modern, and versatile. We used a leaf as the accent mark over the “i,” a symbol of the fresh, delicious vegetables inside the soup. The brackets around “gazpacho” symbolize what’s inside the bottle. 

We created a custom font that was friendly, prominent, and inviting— we wanted “tio” to stand out and be as original as the product itself. For “gazpacho,” we used Myriad Pro Regular, a clean and simple typeface. 

For the brand colors, we used a palette of green, red, and orange— the colors of the tomatoes used in each of the three gazpacho variations. The colors also represented nourishment, health, and flavor. 

The Package Design

We decided that the bottle needed to be similar to other juice companies. The goal was for consumers to associate it with smoothies, V8s, and other veggie-based juices— a grab and go drinkable soup. 

Tio Gazpacho food package design with product in clear bottles, logo, and ingredients on front.

The founder wanted a clear label to showcase the product and reveal its freshness and wholesomeness. We kept the label clean and simple to keep the focus on what was in the bottle and to represent the organic simplicity of the ingredients. 

We created the tagline “drink your veggies” to appeal to the health-oriented target consumer. 


Tio Gazpacho packaging before the redesign in small clear bottle showcasing front label and lime green cap.


Tio Gazpacho food package design with product in clear bottles, logo, and ingredients on front.

Business Card Design

Tio Gazpacho red and green business cards arranged in slanted rows to show front and back.

We designed business cards that highlighted the fresh, organic, modern appeal of the brand, and established the founder as a professional bringing an original product to the market.

The Results

The food package design laid the foundation for Tio Gazpacho to expand and grow. Whole Foods did end up selling the product, accomplishing the founder’s original goal. It was even acquired by General Mills four years later. The acquisition brought national attention to the brand, which was featured in Forbes and Food Business News. 

We were also honored with the 2014 HOW International Package Design Award for the package design. 

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Tio Gazpacho red and green business cards arranged in stacks to show front and back.