Indra logo drop design of water droplet symbol in light blue.
Project Info
Brand: Indra
Client: Ewa Josefsson
Industry: Health & Wellness
Designed by: Crème de Mint
Location: Miami, Florida
Expertise Provided
Brand Identity
Creative Deliverables
Logo design

The Challenge: Logo Design for a Hypnosis Brand 

Yoga instructor Ewa Joseffson wanted to expand her business from yoga to include hypnosis, which she believed was the key to unlocking and unleashing her clients from the limiting beliefs that held them back. Thus she created Indra to help people attain the life they believed they deserved through hypnosis, yoga, and meditation. In order to create a meaningful new logo design for her hypnosis brand, she hired the design team at Crème de Mint.

The Project

“Indra” is a Sanskrit word that means possessing drops of rain. It’s also the name of the ancient warrior Hindu warrior god of rain and sky. Ewa wanted a logo that captured the essence of her new brand, a journey to an improved lifestyle that starts by looking within. 

Brand Identity and Logo

We wanted the logo to reflect tranquility, growth, and openness. We were inspired by the origin of the word “Indra” and wanted to incorporate that into the design as well. 

The logo embodies a water drop, symbolizing both the translation of the Sanskrit word and the Hindu warrior. Within the water drop, strong lines form an arrow pointing upward, representing the process of elevating your mind and using guiding thoughts to ascend to new heights. 

For our first concept, we designed a logo and a logo concept presentation for “Indra Hypnosis.” Initially, Ewa wanted Indra to be solely a hypnosis brand, then decided to bring the other lines into the business. So, we adapted the design into a powerful logo that communicated all three aspects of the business—hypnosis, yoga, and meditation. 

Indra logo design with combination of dark blue and light blue font and water droplet above type.

The combination of dark blue and light blue evokes calmness and peace. Further, the monochromatic effect brings a sense of softness and trustworthiness to the strong lines in the icon. For the typeface, we selected mixed case Frutiger CE 45 Light for “Indra,” thus creating an intriguing visual element, with Frutiger 57 Condensed for “Hypnosis | Yoga | Meditation,” to balance the look and provide a sense of stability. We also designed three standalone logos that Ewa could use to promote the individual aspects of her brand. 

Indra logo designs showcasing 3 different options with "hynosis," "yoga," and "meditation" underneath each design.

For these logos, we added Silver South Script Alt as a secondary typeface in “hypnosis,” “yoga,” and “meditation.” The delicate, friendly, handwritten script font added a personal touch. 

The Results

As a result, Crème de Mint’s elegant designs invited clients and encouraged trust and connection. They also symbolized the origins of the name and reflected the client’s vision for the brand.