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Should I Start This Business?

Businesses are a commitment and a way to challenge yourself when you are ready to tackle a new phase in your life. They also raise issues of both competency and confidence. If you are curious, “Should I Start a Business” and what kind of business should I start, download and fill out our helpful guide.


They say if your job is your passion, you will never work a day in your life. Most people, however, may not know exactly what their passion is. Consider what yours may be. When do you feel most alive and in flow? Perhaps you love baking, writing, or designing. Think of how that could evolve into a career path. Your current job may feel stifling, but analyze whether you would still do the work if you did not need the money. Celebrate your special talent or interest.


Sometimes others see us more clearly than we see ourselves. We help each other out in big and small ways. Which avenues have you pursued in helping others out? Perhaps you helped people learn to cook or decorate for special occasions. Recall all the compliments others have given you or a topic someone has specifically addressed to you as someone who is in the know. Have you been asked to do something?


All roads lead to Rome, and sometimes our passions start in childhood. Think back to the areas you excelled at as a child. Perhaps building things on the playground is still dear to you, or having your first a lemonade stand. Childhood days have the luxury of exploring the world without the pressure of paying bills. In what did you invest your time?


Have you created a process, system or framework to get results in a specific area? Once you have been in a business for a while, you will hopefully gain expertise in one arena. Businesses need innovation to progress into the future and a keen pair of eyes to see gaps in the market. You might have noticed that certain products are needed or could be improved upon. For example, the pumpkin spice rage that has been is dominating American markets for the past two years would have been considered inedible a decade ago. The need for sugar that can be perceived as healthy as it includes a vegetable filled the gap in the market for deliciousness and health consciousness. While pumpkin flavoring may not be exactly healthy, the public perception (a certain ubiquitous coffee shop) says that it is. Consider what you see as the next hot item in your industry. What’s up-and-coming in the next few years? Perhaps the next super fruit will be papaya and there will be a demand for papaya spice lattes, beauty creams, and bath salts that are packaged in see-through containers. How could this be crossed over into other or all markets?


Imagine you get to roam the Earth for one day and to see the impact of your business on people’s lives. You’ll return to humanity tomorrow, but you must understand your legacy in this twenty-four hour period. What would you be known for? Some may be known for sharing their knowledge in a nurturing way, or for developing a revolutionary product, or a daily-use item that helps others live better such as self-sterilizing toothbrushes. Think about your legacy and then move forward with perspective.

Should you start this business?

Mull over whether it is feasible for you to become the best in the world at something in your industry. Could you eliminate grains from packaged muffins or create the ultimate anti-aging cream? You do have a talent that you could share with the world if you shed your resistance. Share it. Start your business!