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Segmentation for Optimal Reach

Segmenting Your Audience

Competition is fierce and everyone wants to get a slice of the pie. Marketing departments are always looking for ways to connect with their brand’s targeted audiences. Every business, from a solopreneur to a large corporation, must court a specific audience consistently and in a way that addresses their specific pain points.

Segmentation is a proven marketing strategy in which a broad market is divided into subsets of perceived overlapping needs and interests to target unique pain points. In other words, you are dividing and conquering rather than running hari kari into advertising. The goal is to design a marketing campaign that connects the expectations of customers with what your product can deliver.

For example, women with highly sensitive skin are constantly looking for ways to soothe and nourish their bodies without hassle. If your product targets this niche audience with an affordable product for sensitive skin, rather than appealing to all women, then you have properly segmented your target audience.

A few questions will guide you to the best segmentation possible. Consider the following:

  1. Target Audience. Your actual audience (age, income level, location, and occupation). Be specific…the more specific the better. If you need inspiration, take a look at some ways to attract your ideal customer.
  2. Spending Habits. What are spending habits of your targeted audience? What are seeking? What are their reasons for purchasing a specific brand? Only then can you determine how to create powerful messaging that to give your product a try.
  3. Pain Point | Passion. What value does your products offer to your intended audience? Does it solve a problem for your audience? Does it appeal to a desire? Most people buy based on emotion and how a product makes them feel. Not sure about your Niche? Check out our post on finding your niche.
  4. Obstacles. Identify the sources of perceived hesitation among potential customers. What obstacles stand in their way from trying your brand?

Targeted audiences will manage their expectations based on the product and service you provide them the first time they encounter it. The best way to crack the code of your most profitable market is to use the considerations above as jumping off points.