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3 Ways to Find a Great Niche

The market seems saturated with so many options. If you would like a slice of pizza, for example, you can go artisanal, gluten-free, high-end, or down-market. It may be best to consider industries as bicycle wheels and niches as the spokes. Niches sub-divide markets to yield high-quality, specific products to reach targeted pain points. Each market is highly defined with, hopefully, a surrounding community. To niche your brand, you must be specific, yield a distinctive product, and stay relevant.

Be Specific

There are pain points within pain points if you are willing to look. If someone is allergic to fragrance but wants a fresh smelling soap, they must turn to a niche market. Essential oils provide a scent as long as the ingredients are pure, someone with highly sensitive skin can smell great with organic essentials oil infused soaps. If a business is selling soap, they must niche in order to target their marketing efforts to high yields and be able to provide products to those searching. Common sense dictates that you cannot please everyone all the time, but there are certain people you can please all of the time. Make a detailed profile of your idealized client and proceed forward.

Yield a distinctive product

A product has to stand out amidst a sea of similar products. Your product must be highly specialized in order to stand out. Perhaps you add the human element to your good either through charity work with a portion donated to human or animal charities. This will help your customers strongly consider you further if there is a perceived benefit to their social image. Study your competitors and see what angle you can use to your advantage. Stand out by researching angles.

Stay relevant

Relevancy means needs are met on a continuous basis. Target underserved markets. This could mean vegans, those with sensitive skin, or those who love ethically traded coffee. Any niche that does not fall into what is considered mainstream will have some of their needs somewhat unmet. Study larger markets and analyze how the different niches have branched off. Every human needs sleep, food, and shelter. See how designer beds, artisanal foods, and ethically sourced teepees all meet those pain points through niche branding.

Can I find a niche?

Absolutely. If you have a product, you can target niches through careful research. Decide the strong point of your product; contrast them with your perceived competitors. Target a specific audience, make your product as distinct as possible without being deliberately quirky, and remain relevant by constantly listening to your consumers.

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