Repurposing Food Waste into Profitable Products

Repurposing Food Waste into Profitable Products

  “One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.” As old as that saying is, it still rings true. Believe it or not repurposing food waste into profitable products is gathering momentum in the Food & Beverage industry. Thanks to some sustainable foodies, food waste from one business is now a product for another.   The […]

How to Make a Truly Iconic Packaging Design

iconic brands tell stories

Every food and beauty company dreams of having an iconic brand, a brand that anyone can identify at a glance. Like those Starbucks cups that you can instantly recognize when you see people with them hurrying to work. Or the Coca Cola cans and bottles that make you suddenly feel the need for some sweet […]

Coffee and Tea Trends: Grass-Fed Coffee, Probiotics and THC


For most of the world, the day is not complete without coffee or tea. The beverage industry now provides variations of these forenoon and daily delights. Teas and coffees are now readily available in colder options with added health benefits. Cold brews and salted caramel flavors are unique to the drinkable mix. Explore the current […]