St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands product design, image showing a turtle swimming in ocean.

Unique Product and Packaging Design in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands

Fondly called “The Gateway of the Caribbean,” St. Thomas is the second largest of the Virgin Islands and is known for its natural beauty, shopping, tourism, and hospitality. Créme de Mint proudly serves the US Virgin Islands, bringing our packaging and product design expertise to this shopping epicenter, helping businesses unlock their potential and speak to their audience through their designs. 

Since the legalization of medical marijuana in the Virgin Islands, the CBD and cannabis industries have thrived in St. Thomas. We have worked with businesses poised to serve this growing industry. 

If you’re an existing business in St. Thomas ready to level up your designs, or you’re just starting out and looking for guidance, we’re here to help! 

Clients served in the area

US Virgin Islands company, FireGarden's product design custom cannabis with the top cap in the shape of a pot leaf.


FireGarden was a startup company that created luxury containers to store cannabis, preserving the potency. The brand wanted to take advantage of the growth of legal medical and recreational marijuana and fill an unserved niche. They reached out to Crème de Mint to design upscale containers to keep cannabis fresh, providing a visually sophisticated storage option.

The brand planned to directly target high-end modern cannabis users and sell wholesale to medical cannabis dispensaries, depots, and smoke shops. FireGarden needed a design team to bring the vision for the product to life, along with custom cannabis packaging design that conveyed their message and brand image, attracting cannabis users of all ages and appealing to shop and dispensary owners. 

Expertise we provide

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