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Providing Small Business Logo Design Experience in Sydney, Australia

Both the capital and largest city in Australia, Sydney is known for its outdoor beauty and gorgeous beaches, its commitment to art and culture, and its service economy and manufacturing businesses. We are proud to bring our logo and packaging design expertise to Sydney, working with growing companies to help them transform their small business presence and appeal to their target audience. 

Créme de Mint, a creative branding agency, has long maintained an international presence and enjoys collaborating with businesses in The Emerald City. We are proud to bring our logo and packaging design expertise to Sydney, working with growing companies to help them transform their presence and appeal to their target audience. 

Sydney is a thriving metropolis that houses businesses in a wide range of industries. The service industry and manufacturing businesses make up the backbone of the economy, while growing industries such as health, wellness, marketing, and food processing continue to stand strong and succeed. Our work has contributed to the growth of businesses in the marketing and wellness industries. 

If you’re starting a business in Sydney or looking to take your existing business to the next level with brand identity, graphic design, or packaging design, we’re standing by to help!

Clients served in the area

GreenLeaf Pharma

GreenLeaf Pharma is a telehealth company based in Sydney, Australia that issues prescriptions for medical cannabis as an alternative treatment for patients. The brand was dedicated to offering affordable holistic medicine to Australian citizens. The founders also planned to open a physical pharmacy in the future. In order to establish a tailored brand identity design for the medical cannabis company, they turned to the design team at Crème de Mint.

Sticks + Stones

Sticks + Stones was a startup marketing communications agency in Sydney, Australia. The brand needed a logo design for their startup that established it as a trustworthy business. We designed the logo to be clean, crisp, sleek, and professional. The combination of serif and sans serif typeface created an interesting visual balance that evoked trust and respect. The brand colors of grey and turquoise reflected the wisdom and knowledge the agency brought to the table. Our design captured the brand essence and provided the agency with a way to communicate their professionalism and expertise.

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