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The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

Packaging is an important element for any product business. It’s the first thing many customers will see, it establishes the kind of company you want to be, and it’s an effective way to market your product.

But as society changes, so do consumer expectations, and packaging has to adapt to meet their desires. 

Over time, packaging trends have shifted with consumer preferences. As we look forward into Gen Z becoming the primary purchasers, we have to be on top of new packaging trends if we want to be successful.

Read on to discover five trends in packaging that you can embrace to appeal to new consumer expectations.

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends

Sustainable Packaging

There’s no doubt about it—our society is shifting into a new era when it comes to sustainability. For many years, plastic was king in packaging. 

It made sense for a post-Great Depression society whose primary focus was economical. But now, consumers are more concerned than ever about their impact on the environment. 

Single-use plastics are becoming a thing of the past. Plastic bans and restrictions are popping up. 80% of consumers feel that it’s important for companies to use sustainable packaging. It’s no longer enough for the packaging to be recyclable, either. 

Consumers understand the negative impact plastic has on the environment and they’re looking at companies to opt for more ethical choices. Paper and cardboard have gained popularity. Some major brands are even partnering with a company called Loop to deliver products in reusable glass and metal containers

This is one trend that isn’t going anywhere. Half of millennials and the majority of Gen Z are even willing to spend 10% more on sustainable products. If you’re not offering sustainable packaging, 2020 is a great time to make the switch.

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

Vintage Designs

Consumers are drawn to vintage designs in packaging. It plays on a sense of nostalgia and yearning for years past, and gives the impression of a small, family-owned business. 

Many brands do this very well Milo’s styling cream looks like something you’d pick up in a 1950s barbershop. Tetley’s tea brand uses vintage-style tins in their packaging. 

Vintage packaging also allows you a wide range of design choices. You can keep things very simple (think old-school Campbell’s soup cans) or create ornate vintage-inspired designs. 

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrac


It’s no secret that in 2020, you need to have a good brand story. Consumers have more choices than ever, and they want to know and trust the brands they support. Plus, everyone loves a good story!

Many businesses overlook their brand story when it comes to packaging. But they’re missing out on a great opportunity to reach buyers on an emotional level. More and more companies are opting for a storytelling approach in their packaging. 

You can’t fit your whole brand story on your packaging, but you can easily incorporate a short version. Try tying in taglines and slogans to your brand story, then include a condensed brand story on the back of the package. 

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends


In a society that’s always on the go, less is more when it comes to packaging. We simply don’t have time to read every word on complex packages. Our eyes are drawn to simplicity.

That’s why minimalism is growing more popular in packaging. It gives the color and the typography all the power, cuts away unnecessary distracting elements, and provides the consumer the information they need in an easily digestible way. 

The ice cream brand Van Leeuwen jumped on the minimalism train a few years ago. Their original packaging was crowded and busy. They scaled back to a basic, colorful design and their sales shot up by 50%

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace


Some companies are taking the minimalist approach to an extreme and embracing transparent packaging, especially in the food industry.

This is a true reflection of our society. We’re more skeptical than ever, and we want to be able to see what we’re buying. On top of that, we want to feel like we’re buying something fresh, real, and natural, even when it’s processed or comes in a package. 

Transparent packaging gives consumers that natural feel and lets them see exactly what they’re getting. It’s also clean and eye-catching.

The Future of Packaging: 5 Packaging Design Trends to Embrace

Your Packaging Reveals Who You Are as a Brand

Ultimately, your packaging is one of the top ways consumers are going to get to know your brand. You have to get a clear vision for what your brand stands for and what you want to present to the world.

Are you dedicated to the environment? Do you want to be open and transparent? What is your story, mission, and vision? 

All of those elements should be incorporated into your packaging so the world can get a good look at who you are.

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