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How do you know when it is time to redesign your packaging?

We can all think of brands whose logo or packaging evoke in us childhood nostalgia, or fond memories. That instant recognition and emotional connection is what companies rely on to keep customers loyal and engaged. At times, however, a company’s public image needs a revamp, and the question is often when? When is it time to redesign your packaging? How do you know when your current image is no longer working to your benefit? What are the scenarios in which a fresh look might be required? Here are six circumstances that might make you rethink your packaging.

Growing Pains

Great news, your company is growing! Your beauty company started out making lip balm but now makes face wash, hand cream and shampoo. As you’ve expanded your product line, your look hasn’t remained coherent across the entire catalog. Now is the time to streamline your products into a single, powerful design that will designate them all as part of your company and provide greater brand recognition.

Maybe you started out tiny but are chasing big dreams, and your packaging simply isn’t meeting you at your new level. Have your mom-and-pop methods proven insufficient for your current size? Can you envision your product in its current packaging on the shelves of your dream vendor? Does your product’s image match your ambition for it? If not, it may be time to revamp.

“The main reason we switched from labels to printing on bottles and boxes was growth. It was time to scale, and spending countless hours labeling products no longer made sense.”

– Bee Simonds Founder, H Is For Love

Sales are Dropping

You’ve crossed every t and dotted every i. Your products test well with customers. Your advertising is on point and yet, your sales are suffering seemingly without cause. Packaging can often be the hidden culprit. Today’s customers are flooded with images from the moment they wake up until they go to sleep at night. Your packaging needs to grab their attention, stand out among similar products, and imprint on their memory long after it’s in front of their eyes. If your business is solid but your sales don’t reflect it, you might want to consider a packaging redesign.

A Revolution has Happened

Maybe your company has brand new management, or maybe you are making a renewed commitment to healthier products or eco-friendly practices, or maybe you’re just survived a major publicity blunder. Big changes to the company might mean that your current packaging no longer reflects your values or mission, or that it represents an era that you would rather leave in the past. A packaging redesign can help your company move into the future and give customers a new perspective on your business.

Your Packaging Feels Outdated

Companies with a long and successful track record can expect that at some point their logo, design, and packaging will feel outdated and tired. Long-established brands may balk at the idea of redesigning a well-known and well-loved logo or packaging design – just look at Tropicana’s disaster packaging redesign in 2009 – but there are simple ways to freshen up an existing logo and modernize your design without rendering yourself invisible to your loyal customers. Incremental steps can usher in change slowly so as not to disrupt the customer-product relationship.

The Product has Changed

Sometimes products change in shape or size, or new additions change their functionality. Perhaps you have reconfigured recipes or improved your product in ways that you’re ready to show off. A new physical product often requires a new packaging look to announce its enhancements and to reflect its evolution.

The World has Changed

In the era of climate change and eco-awareness your company wants to be seen as actively trying to reduce its carbon footprint. New packaging technology and eco-friendly materials are making it easier than ever to be both successful and socially responsible.

“We are currently working on switching our lip balm and possibly deodorant packaging to compostable paper packaging. It was not a difficult decision since we constantly look at ways we can improve our impact on the environment, and we finally managed to find the right packaging for these products, which is also good for mother nature.”

– Mutiara Pinoco- founder, Speak

Things to Remember:

  • The desire to freshen up your look shouldn’t create confusion for customers at check-out. Your products should still be recognizable as yours.
  • Customers have an emotional connection to brands and their packaging, a well-established company might do well to think about implementing incremental changes instead of a full blown redesign all at once.
  • Packaging redesign takes time. Give yourself the necessary months or years to explore what you want your new packaging to look like, feel like and evoke for customers.
  • Working with a professional outside your company can help you tap into current design trends as well as streamline the cacophony of ideas and opinions that often come along with a packaging redesign.
  • An in-depth study into your target audience can provide valuable customer feedback to help you avoid a negative reception of a packaging redesign.

Ready for a Redesign?

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