A Necessary Evil

It is undeniably that plastics are becoming our worst nightmare. They are piling up in landfills by the tons and causing chaos to the environment. Worst of all, plastic cannot be avoided. Larger plastics are breaking down into micro-plastics that are invading our water and food sources.

But for brands, plastic can feel like a necessary evil. Although it isn’t biodegradable and, more often than not, can’t be recycled, plastic is easy.

It is usually the cheapest and most versatile option, especially for smaller brands and start-ups on a budget.

What do you do if you want your brand to be eco-friendly, but are worried you can’t afford it?

The first step is to know your options.


You Have Options

Your brand does not have to rely on plastic. There are scores of alternatives to traditional plastic packaging, and more are being developed every day. These alternatives come from many different sources, some of which might seem strange.

Regardless, innovation has given rise to many different eco-friendly packaging options:


Traditional Alternatives:


Innovative Alternatives:


Plant-Based Plastic:

If you aren’t ready to put your faith in crab shell packaging, not to worry. Believe it or not, there are eco-friendly bioplastics that can suit the needs of your brand.


Ditch the Plastic

There are so many great alternatives for brands to use instead of plastic. If you are considering making your brand eco-friendlier, take the leap. Your brand and your customers will be better for it, but so will the planet.

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