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A New Year’s Resolution for your Business?

What are Business Resolutions?

New year, new resolutions. At some point, nearly everyone tries to make resolutions to see improvements in their life at the start of a new year. Whether it’s starting a new diet, picking up a new hobby, or simply just trying to be more open-minded, resolutions are usually personal.

But what about business resolutions?

If you are thinking about revamping your brand, there’s no better time to do it than the start of a new year. This is what business resolutions are all about. A new year brings a perfect blank slate and an energizing feeling of newness. That natural feeling of newness that comes with the turnover between years is a perfect catalyst for the changes you want to make within your business. Especially when it comes to rebranding.

Rebranding your company can seem daunting, so it you aren’t totally sure where to start, we have laid out a few steps to get you on track. Business resolutions are the ideal way keep the process as manageable and streamlined as possible.

Why Should Your Brand Change?

The first step in undergoing any change is to acknowledge that a change is necessary and resolve to follow through on creating that change.

But why is change necessary right now?

Have you noticed that consumer engagement with your brand has been on the decline?

Have you been feeling stuck or limited by your brand lately?

If you feel like your brand could use some improvement, pinpoint why you want to make changes. Knowing the why will help you immensely when it comes to deciding on the how.

Regardless of your reasoning, by determining the underlying motivation, you are already on the road to planning your rebrand and improving your business with resolutions.

Partial or Full Rebrand?

So now you know that your brand needs to undergo change and you now know why the change is necessary. But just how much of your brand needs to change?

While a partial rebrand changes several minor brand elements, a full rebrand focuses on overhauling major signature brand elements. Before changing anything, think long and hard about which kind of rebrand will be the best for your business in the long run.

Partial rebrands tend to be more forgiving, but it should be known that full rebrands can be tricky and should be used very sparingly only to correct major business problems. So, as the driving force behind your brand, decide which type will create the best outcome for your business and your customers.

Is Everyone on Board?

Before getting started on the remodel of your brand, make sure everyone in your company knows the plan. Making sure everyone is on the same page will create smooth sailing and reduce the risks of future problems popping up.

Additionally, if everyone is made aware of the plans, it can lead to more enthusiasm about the projected changes. And with increased enthusiasm, there will be more commitment to ensuring the rebrand is done right.

Open communication will unify the team and keep morale up even if stressful situations arise.

Do you Know Your Customers as Well as You Think?

This is essential and you already know why. Customers are the heart and soul that keeps every brand alive, as they determine the success of your business.

If your customer base isn’t the reason for your changes, make sure your revamped brand will still appeal to both your target market and current loyal customers. Continue to meet their needs in a way that is familiar to them.

However, sometimes the issues lies with the existing customer base. If you have noticed that customer engagement has been way down, it might be time to find a new target audience. Or, if your brand is a small startup that has begun to grow, the current customer base might not fit the future direction and expansion of your brand. This is another case where you would need to reevaluate your customers and your target audience.

Tio Gazpacho

A perfect example of this comes from my redesign of Tio Gazpacho. Tio Gazpacho began as a small startup selling at farmer’s markets. The owner wanted to eventually sell in Whole Foods, but the current branding and the desired target audience didn’t match up. To allow the brand to move forward in a new direction, we rebranded Tio Gazpacho from the ground up knowing two things. Firstly, the current audience was small. Secondly, in order to expand to reach the desired demographic, a full rebrand was necessary.

If you see that your brand is suffering due to issues with your current customer base, make a resolution to identity who exactly your brand is appealing to. Try not to confuse this with who you want your brand to appeal to.

Once you do this, you can determine who fits with the vision of your brand and what needs members of this audience have. Once you understand what needs you must cater to, you can figure out how to satisfy them with a rebrand.

Can You be Committed Yet Flexible?

Both partial and full rebrands are a big deal to any business. Because of this, you have to be completely committed for your business to undergo a rebrand. Create a course and be prepared to follow it.

But with that being said, any good navigator should be prepared to adjust course when needed. Be prepared to make adjustments to your rebrand plan if you hit any setbacks along the way.

Being flexible is important to carrying a business successfully through a rebrand so don’t be tempted to give up if all doesn’t go exactly as planned. Pause, reevaluate, adjust course, and continue on.

Can Your Brand Outwit the Competition?

Even if your brand is in the process of transitioning, never fall into the trap of thinking your competition is in the rearview mirror. Other businesses will always be rebranding. Keep your eye on the market to see who is evolving and how.

Some companies even choose to outwit the competition by taking their rebrand in an unexpected direction. A great example of this comes from the Greek yogurt brand Chobani. The Greek yogurt market was saturated with many brands doing similar things. Chobani decided to swim against the current and rebrand with artistic elements that set them apart from their competitors.

Sometimes it really pays off to zig when your competitors zag. Other times, you can find the most success by improving on what your competitors are already doing. Ultimately, you have to decide which is right for your brand

Are You Prepared for All Reactions?

Seeing new brand elements might catch people off-guard at first, especially loyal customers. Be prepared to reassure your customer base that the core values of your company still stand even if the brand elements look and feel different.

Take all reactions in stride and try to respond to negative feedback with optimism. However, if you are feeling especially anxious about negative feedback, remember that you have some control over reactions to your rebrand.

Prep work is key for this. The more you plan and prepare your customers for change, the more adjusted they will be by the time the rebrand is complete. With plenty of time to adjust, consumers will be more likely to receive your revamped brand with relaxed interest instead of tense uncertainty.

Make sure to nurture a trusting relationship with your customers through the entire rebrand process.

What are Some Key Takeaways Before You Launch Your Rebrand?

Rebrand cans require a lot of time, energy, and devotion. But chances are, if you are already running a brand, you are familiar with the level of care they require. So, when it comes to the rebranding of your business, do it slowly and do it thoughtfully.

The more preparation and care that goes into a rebrand, the better. The effects of a successful rebrand will last a long time, which means that you will be able to reap the rewards of your hard work in the years to come.

Make 2019 your year by using resolutions to revitalize your business and master the rebranding process. Both you and your brand will be better for it.

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