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Why You Should Choose a Custom-Build WordPress Website Instead of a WordPress Theme for Your Business Website

Building a website for your business on WordPress can be a great choice. You’ll get scalability and plenty of options! One of those options is how to set up your site. 

You can choose to purchase or use a free pre-built theme, or you can hire a developer to create a custom-build WordPress website for you. 

It might be tempting to choose a theme. It’s cheaper than hiring someone to build your site, it will be ready faster, and it seems easy.  But there are plenty of advantages to choose a custom site.

Read on to find out why choosing a custom-build may be better for your business in the long run! 

Slow Site Speed

Pre-made themes can slow your site down. Themes are heavily coded to give you access to multiple features. But when you can’t alter that code, you end up getting stuck with slow page loads.

In a fast-paced world where customers expect high-quality service, that can be a huge problem. 52% of customers say that site load time affects their purchase decisions and customer loyalty! That means those slow load times could cost you. 

Developers know how to create optimized code. They don’t need to include code for all the features you don’t use. That means the code is slimmer and more efficient. 

Stay Secure

Many hackers specifically target popular wordpress themes. It’s easier for them to get in and they know what security holes to look for. 

Some theme developers don’t put in proper security protocols, or they let them lapse over time, becoming vulnerable to attacks.  

If you have a custom build, hackers aren’t going to come after you just because of your theme. You can also have extra security built-in by your developer. 

Customize it to Your Needs

WordPress themes advertise themselves as “customizable.” But that customization only goes so far. You might not be able to choose the color, font, or layout that you want. This also applies to plug-ins. You can find plug-ins to make your website faster, check your SEO, add extra page features, and more. Unfortunately, not every plug-in is compatible with every theme. 

It can be frustrating to start building your site only to discover that you’re limited in choices and can’t create something that aligns with your brand. 

Even if you are able to customize your theme the way you want, it could prevent you from updating the theme version in the future. You’ll miss out on important features and plug-ins. 

But if you choose to have your site custom-built, you’ll get exactly what you want. The developer can tailor the back-end to give you the layout you want and need. You won’t have to fight a constricting theme to get what you want. 

Keep Control of Your Site

Another danger when you choose a WordPress theme is that your website relies on somebody else to keep functioning properly. 

If the theme developer goes out of business or chooses to stop supporting the theme, your site could become outdated or insecure. You could have to start your design from scratch all over again. 

The theme developer could also change the theme at any time. You’ll be stuck with either dealing with the changes or choosing a new theme. 

When you have a custom build, you’re in complete control. You can add any plugins and custom functional features that you want at any time, and our site won’t change without your input.

Paying for the Long Haul

You might think you’re saving money by buying a theme. But the issues with pre-built themes add up over time. 

You’ll sink hours into designing your site, trying to get it the way you want it. Any time that something changes, you might have to repeat that process. 

If you end up without a theme or suffering from a bug at an inopportune time, you might even have to put your business on hold to deal with it. In the meantime, you’ll likely lose out on sales while you try to get your site functioning properly. 

And if you do suffer a hack or cyberattack, you could end up spending thousands fixing the problems. 

In the long run, hiring a developer could save you a lot of money. Sometimes it’s better to make a bigger investment upfront that saves you more in the long-term. 

The Bottom Line

Themes can be tempting, and they’re certainly convenient. But they come with several drawbacks. 

If you want a unique, professional website that looks and functions the way you want it, is safe from protection, loads quickly, and offers you control, then opt for a custom-built site. 

If you are looking for a trusted branding agency to help you design your website, we are here to help.