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Top 10 Effective Strategies to Sell Your Product

Do you have a great product but aren’t gaining the traction you need? Targeting the right customer can make or break your launch. How do you get your new brand out there in front of the right people?

Use these 10 sales strategies to reach your ideal customers

1) People buy based on emotions

People don’t buy products, they buy how the product will make them feel and what products benefits will meet their needs. Identify your ideal customer, by creating a list of needs that this product will solve and what benefits the customer will enjoy by using your product. For example Coke created an emotive campaign when they created the “Share a Coke” Campaign. People enjoyed the personalization and feeling connected to the brand with this personalization. There is nothing like drinking a Coke with your name on it or giving a Coke to a friend with their name.

2) Define your Target Audience

Create an avatar of your ideal customer

Ask Specific Questions

  1. How old are they?
  2. Are they male or female?
  3. What is their income?
  4. What is their occupation?
  5. Where do they live?

You may have more than one target customer base. If there is more than one target customer, then do this exercise for each of them.

3) What is their pain point or passion?

What kind of problem does your product solve for your target audience?

If you have identified your customer’s pain points/passions accurately, they will pay you to solve their problem.

You customer will see your product in one of 3 ways:

  • Solves an obvious problem
  • Problem it solves are not obvious or are unclear.
  • The problems do not exist for the customer. If the problem does not exist, the customer will not buy your product.

In order for your customer to understand the product you are selling

  • Your message should be clear
  • You should have a competitive advantage
  • They should know how it will feel to buy your product
  • They understand what features and benefits your product provides

4) Content and Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing is still the most effective way to market and get customers to your site to purchase your product, but how do you get customers to join your list. This is where social media and a blog can help you immensely. Social Media is a great way to expose your brand to many customers that wouldn’t ordinarily see it. By building relationships with your customers through channels such as instagram or facebook you can grow a following and create sales strategy that will promote advocates for your brand and turn them into customers.

Social Media

The social media strategy takes more time. Many new brands have had a lot of success on Instagram and facebook. Remember most people are not on social media to buy your product. They are there to be social and be inspired.

  • educate and inspire your audience: for example for every 20-30 posts per week. 4 to 5 posts per week are marketing posts
  • your main goal will be to get your customers to sign up for your email list. Your email list is where you can target them to buy.
  • Your ideal customer is far more likely to buy your product if you give them a preview to try out. Shoot a short video of your product in action, give them a free piece of really great content and get your customers excited for what’s next.

Creating a Blog

Another way to reach out your ideal customer is creating a blog. Create educational/inspirational material that will interest them. You can post this on your social media and in your newsletter.

Content and Social Media Marketing paired with email marketing will give your more access to qualified leads, more channels to sell your product at a lower costs to acquire customers.

5) Give Your Audience the Inside Scoop

Once you have email subscribers to your list. You will want to tell your customers, if you are going to have a sale. They will be happy to be a part of the inner circle, and it will build trust with them. They may even buy more because of it.

6) Get Comfortable with Cold Calling

Cold calling may seem scary, but if you are targeting the right audience you are more likely to be received. Besides with so many people emailing and texting, you will stand out of the crowd by making that first step and connecting with the other person over the phone. The best way is to create a list with your ideal customers/wholesale account and to create a script that you follow word for word until you get comfortable. Keep in mind for every “No” you are that much closer to a “Yes”. The trick for selling is the “100 Calls Method”. Every sales person knows that for every 100 calls you will get about 3 customers. Reach out to 100 customers as fast as you can, don’t worry about your results, just the number of people you contact. You will generate interest by calling your customers and sell your product.

7) Pricing your product

The best way to price your product is to do your market research of your competitors. Compare at least 5 products. You want to price it based on the “perceived value” of your product. If your product is a luxury product, be sure to compare to other luxury product. If your product is a mass market product or value product be sure to measure with our products in the same tier.

The other side to pricing your product is making sure you have taken all your cost of goods into account. For a beauty product this would include the product, the packaging, the shipping, the labor, etc. Basically everything going into making your product, then you need to double it to get your wholesale costs and double your wholesale costs to get your retail cost. From there if your product is perceived to be a higher value than your retail cost, you can raise the price to the perceived value. Never lower the price. If you do that you will find it difficult to grow, because you won’t have left enough padding in your product pricing to grow at the retail level.

8) Learn to negotiate

Great Negotiators Have These 3 Qualities

  1. Inquisitive: They ask the right questions to find out exactly what you need.
  2. Patient: They look for win-win situations
  3. Well-Prepared: The are prepared and find a solution where both parties are happy.

9) Make Effective Presentations/Sales Sheet

In selling a new product, a compelling presentation or sales sheet of your product is very important.

That includes:

  • great photography of your product (by a professional photographer)
  • clear and understandable presentation – must be ease and simple to grasp, not to busy
  • compelling content – must have the customer in mind (what’s most important to them)

10) Create lifetime customers

“Once a customer, always a customer.”

It is more expensive to acquire new customers. Most sources say the answer is that it costs between 4 and 10 times more to acquire a new customer than it does to keep an existing one. After a customer has purchased your product, this should not be the end of your relationship with them. Focus on keeping a strong relationship. This will create more trust and add value to your brand.

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