Everything You Need to know about the FDA rules for Dietary Supplement Labels


  For dietary supplement manufacturers and suppliers navigating the rules and regulations of the industry can feel overwhelming. Here is (we hope!) a helpful guide to the basics on: • What are supplements• How are they regulated• What are your responsibilities• How do you ensure compliance with U.S. law   What is a dietary supplement? […]

The Complete Step by Step Guide to labeling Alcohol


The labeling of alcoholic beverages might seem simple from the outset. After all, so far there is no nutritional facts requirement for alcohol and the elements of most of these beverages has a narrow list of inputs. But there are characteristics of a wine, beer, or spirits label that you have probably never noticed and […]

A Brand’s Guide to Pet Supplements

A brand guide to pet supplements

As people have become more concerned about their own health, their pets are not far from mind. At least 72% of pet owners feel that their pets are family members and want to care for them the best they possibly can. That is why, as the market for human health supplements has exploded, so too […]

Ins and Outs of the New GMO (BE) Labeling

New GMO Regulations

GMOs is a hot topic. And if you own a food product or beverage, you’ll want to pay attention to these new proposals, because they could effect you and your product business. In recent years, savvy health-conscious consumers have been asking what is in their food and putting pressure on the government to take action […]

The Most Common Symbols on Packaging and Why They are Important


With strict standards regulating the information found on product packages today, it is no surprise that many products are covered in symbols, which can have many different meanings. Food products can have symbols related to ingredients, nutritional information, dietary restrictions, and allergens. Similarly, cosmetic products can have symbols for certain ingredients and allergens, but also […]

Can I make and sell food from my own kitchen?

Selling food from your kitchen

Have your friends and family been telling you that you should sell your delicious cookies or tasty jam? Or perhaps you are thinking about digging up an old family recipe? You are certain if everyone had a chance to taste your prized  food or beverage that it would sell like hot cakes. Have you been […]