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7 Inspiring European Drink Packaging

Last summer when I was traveling through Europe, I discovered a lot of beautiful drink packaging. It’s fun to see the typography and trends of other cultures. I love the AE on on the Norwegian Organic Juice. Another thing that stood out to me was all of these products are packaged in glass containers with metal caps. In the US, this is much less common. The cost of transporting glass is expensive and the cost per unit for glass containers can be double or triple the cost of a PET plastic bottle. Also the metal caps are not popular in the US for juice, since most brands are using HPP and the metal caps don’t generally work well with HPP.

Each of the graphics are distinct, clean and unique. The last bottle graphics, the one from Germany, has a unique story. On one side you see juice and the measurement of how much of each fruit is in each juice, then when you twist the bottle around you see “Frei Bier”, which in German mean “Free Beer”. The reasons they did this, was to jump out to the male consumer who usually buys beer and not juice. I thought this was certainly a funny way to grab their attention. I can’t help but wonder what the German male consumer thinks of this and whether it reflected in more sales or not. To me it seems fun, but also a bit gimmicky at the same time. It definitely caught my attention and sometimes that all is takes to get a consumer to pick up and try your product.


Found in Sweden, but Swiss Brand






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