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American Marketing Association Awards Digital Marketing 2020

Creme de Mint Wins Two American Marketing Association Awards: How We Did It and What It Means for Our Clients

At the end of 2020, we were honored as American Marketing Association award winners at the third annual AMA South Florida Marketing Awards!

Each year, AMA South Florida recognizes leaders, standouts, and visionaries who are making waves and rising up in the marketing world.

Creme de Mint was awarded the Silver medal for Agency of the Year and Bronze for Digital Marketing Campaign of the Year.

We’re proud of the work that we accomplished as a visionary branding agency last year, honored to be part of the South Florida marketing industry, and appreciative of the recognition! Read on to find out more about our work last year and how we earned these awards.

2020: A Shift in Our Business

Like many businesses, we faced unique challenges in 2020. We started the year off as busy as ever, full of hope and plans for continuing to excel and grow. When the pandemic hit, our business started to stall. 

It made sense. Our clients, in the beauty and food packaging industries, thrived off of in-person sales. Our business model was built primarily around packaging and branding—the expert skills we developed over the years as a trusted branding agency

But now, our clients were facing new difficulties. Face-to-face sales dropped off and online business started to skyrocket. 

We knew that “business as usual” wasn’t going to cut it. If we were going to thrive, and, more importantly, help our clients do the same, we needed to make a fast pivot. It was time to transition from a focus on packaging and branding to digital marketing. 

As a premium branding agency, we’re only as successful as our clients are. We had to find a way to help our clients survive the bumps in the road. That meant embracing online sales, building up online visibility and presence, and solidifying stronger digital strategies. 

Diving Into Email Marketing

One of the biggest changes we made was building in a stronger emphasis on email marketing for our clients. We wanted to make sure our clients were able to reach their audience, even with the drop in physical sales. 

With one of our clients, we shifted from quarterly email campaigns to 4-6 campaigns per month. We incorporated educational emails, promotions based on holidays and events, and highlighted the benefits of the client’s products. 

We also implemented a social media, website, and packaging rebrand to bring in a new look and a cohesive brand image. The result? More sales, more visibility, and more revenue. 

This marketing campaign earned us the bronze AMA award for digital marketing campaign of the year!

Adaptation and Innovation Leads to a South Florida Marketing Award

I was both surprised and honored when the winners for the AMA awards were announced. Our dedication to our clients and our ability to adapt during changes let us grow and thrive during 2020 and ensure our clients’ success. 

We came out on the other side stronger and made permanent changes in our business. Prior to the pandemic, we offered email marketing and other digital marketing services. But they were far from a focal point in our business. Now, we’re more focused than ever on providing solid digital marketing strategies to our clients

That commitment and adaptation contributed to our success and, ultimately, landed us the silver AMA award for Agency of the Year. 

Changes for the Future as a South Florida Marketing Company

Whenever big changes happen (whether that’s the birth of a new social media platform, changes in algorithms or ad rules, or a global pandemic), businesses have two choices. Try to do things as they have always been done, or embrace the change and dive in headfirst. 

Moving forward, we’re continuing to focus on the best of both worlds. We’ll always bring in our expertise and background in packaging and branding. Those are core elements of our business that will never go away. But we’re also committed to building brands for the future—ones with strong, comprehensive digital marketing strategies. 

There’s an old Chinese proverb that states, “The wise adapt themselves to circumstances, as water moulds itself to the pitcher.”

We’re committed to staying moldable, flexible, and adaptable, so that we can always serve our clients at the highest level. 

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