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Creme de Mint – Winner of Two American Package Design Awards

We are proud to share we have been awarded two American Package Design Awards from GD USA for package design for Simply Sharon’s and Expressed Juice. It’s a great honor to be chosen and awarded. We are filled with joy!

Brand & Package Design for Simply Sharon’s

Simply Sharon’s is a gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan dessert company. The company name is dedicated to the owner’s late mother, Sharon. Both the owner and her mother have a condition that is helped by staying out of the sun and by eating gluten-free, dairy-free and vegan. Inspired by her mother, we wanted to include that story within the logo. The parasol symbol as the apostrophe in the logo not only creates a dessert-like feeling, but also includes their story. The packaging is as green and eco-friendly as it is healthy–using a biodegradable, compostable plastic pouch and recycled paper and vegetable inks for the tag. In turn bringing together the brand characteristics that match the core beliefs of the company.

Brand & Package Design for Expressed Juice

Expressed Juice is a Miami-based cold-pressed juice company that delivers juice via an electric cart to concerts, festivals, nightclubs, businesses, beach-goers and home delivery. The juice bottle is a thin, sleek bottle that fits in your pocket. The flask-shaped bottle is distinct and purposeful. It moves away from the typical square-shaped or boston round bottles usually found in the juice category and creates an edgy association to alcohol flasks. From initial launch, client has been asked to partner with bars, just based on the shape. The branding system is made up of racing stripes on the kart and bottle labels, bottle & kart icons and fruit & veggie icons. Together the brand has a fresh, playful design that grabs and engages the customer in a new way.