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PR Strategies for Beauty Brands

EPISODE 28: PR Strategies for New Beauty Brands with PR Expert Rich Small

Today’s guest is Rich Small, the Executive Vice President at Hunter, an award-winning marketing and PR firm based in New York. Rich offers expert advice for emerging beauty brands, including taking creative risks to break through the noise, and how to stay current with trends. Get tips on how to reach out to influencers and build long-term relationships with them, as well as ways to pique the interest of editors who can write about your product.

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Rich Small on PR Strategies for Beauty Brands

Rich Small
Executive Vice President

As HUNTER’s EVP Insights and Strategy, Rich is a highly adaptable brand communications expert with more than 15 years of experience mining for insights and ideas – spanning mass and prestige brands across U.S. and global market. Gifted with boundless creativity and a knack for crafting unique brand narratives, Rich has a successful track record of redefining and elevating beauty, grooming and lifestyle brands using the power of earned media to drive business results. His work at HUNTER demonstrates his savvy and prowess when it comes to leading integrated planning, offering high-level strategic counsel and overseeing influencer and HCP relationships.

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