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EPISODE 20: Social Spark – Igniting Your Product Launch!

Curious how to work with influencers to launch your food, beauty or supplement product? Get expert advice marketing your product from the co-founders of UMAI Marketing! On today’s episode, Alison Smith and Karin Samelson share their thoughts on paid ads, influencers, organic social, and email marketing. Learn how much to budget for marketing in your first year and the number one question to ask yourself before you start.

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UMAI on Your Product Launch

Karin Samelson & Alison Smith
UMAI Marketing

Karin Samelson & Alison Smith, founders of UMAI (oo-my) Marketing, a boutique, Austin-based agency that serves CPG brands with done-for-you services, as well as digital tools & resources for founders and marketers who want to learn and implement our strategies. They’ve helped brands go from $0 to $12 million in revenue with their CORE 3 method of implementing social media marketing, social advertising, and email marketing. Find them on Instagram or reach out via email.

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